Multiple Brexit-hardliners want to force the British Prime Minister, Theresa May’s Changes to the Brexit agreement and to threaten her with resignation. This is reported by the Times, relying inter alia on the Cabinet circles.

The displeasure of the Minister, refers mainly to the so-called Backstop, as the all those precautions in the exit agreement are referred to, which will prevent any border checks between the UK, Northern Ireland and become member of the EU Ireland is necessary. It is the most controversial part of the agreement. Hard-liners fear that the current arrangements for the duration of the condition.

Substantial Changes to the exit agreement shall apply from the European side as unlikely. Straight to the Backstop arrangements had filed negotiators in Brussels for months.

Alternative proposals to the Irish border would not solve the Problem

May said in an Interview with the Daily Mail that the plans of their opponents for the EU-exit would not work. Particularly, the alternative proposals on the issue to the Irish-Northern Irish border would not solve the Problem, said May.

The British Prime Minister had last week presented the design for the final exit agreement, and only with a narrow majority by your Cabinet. Brexit-Minister Dominic Raab, labour Minister Esther McVey as well as the Northern Ireland Secretary of state, Shailesh Vara resigned because they refused to accept the agreement.

Raabs place of the previously inconspicuous applicable Stephen Barclay appeared in the meantime. For McVey, the May ally Amber Rudd returned to the Cabinet.

to prevent the United Kingdom on the 29. March 2019 with no exit agreement is terminated, you must May get the draft through Parliament. This is likely to be difficult, as both its government partner, the Northern Irish Protestant party, the DUP, as well as many members of your own party don’t want to support the present design. Led by the conservative Brexit-hardline Jacob Rees-Mogg, you have a vote of no confidence against the head of government initiated.

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