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in view of the unclear situation in the UK, Europe, prepares a more chaotic Brexit without exit the contract. The surrounding EU-countries are desperately in search of publicans, in order to prevent from the end of March, mile – long traffic jams at the borders and massive delays in the Goods and passenger traffic.

the President of The General Directorate of customs, Colette Hercher, had warned last week, the company in Germany, a Brexit. “Above all, the previously only in the EU, as the need to prepare,” said Hercher of the MIRROR. Almost all of the neighboring countries of the UK are now looking for customs officials, delays at the borders cushion. The Overview:


The Federal government wants to recruit because of the British EU-exit 900 additional officers at the customs. The plan there is, is occupied no. Because so far, it was expected that there is a Brexit-the transition phase until at least the end of 2020, not much will change. And the training of new officials will take.

The customs Union BDZ holding already at least 1300 new jobs for the management of Brexit. According to the General Directorate of customs, which would set in a hard Brexit at hot spots, such as the port of Hamburg on “support from other customs offices”. In addition, cases would be distributed to be processed on the customs internal computer system to other departments.

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Ireland is the only EU country with a land border with the United Kingdom. 500 kilometres separate the Republic from the British province of Northern Ireland. The Irish government wants to hire 1000 new officers for customs controls and for the Review of food and product standards – but gives no information about how many there are so far already.

In the budget 2019 1.5 billion euros for the management of Brexit were set to follow. In March, a No is to be adopted-Deal-law with more concrete measures. At the port of Dublin is working on 33 inspection bodies. Also 270 Truck Parking spaces and a separate inspection posts for live animals are to be built.


The Netherlands is one of the Main hubs for trade with the UK. A hub is Europe’s largest port of Rotterdam. The Dutch government has provided 100 million Euro for the Brexit and wants to hire 900 additional tax collector. The government in The Hague will start the end of January, in addition, a TV campaign to inform companies and citizens about the consequences of Brexit.


The French government is to set the 580 additional customs officers and veterinary inspectors. It provides 50 million euros for investments in ports and airports. There is additional clearance to places and Parking spaces to avoid congestion. The French business Association Medef recommends that companies nevertheless, “the worst” to prepare.


Belgium wants to create at least 115 new jobs to strengthen the customs and inspectors for animal and plant imports. But perhaps the Problem lies elsewhere: According to the authorities in mid-January, had only one of five to the UK exporting companies about a customs number that would be needed for the exports to the Brexit.


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