the head of The government of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo, has criticised the Spanish government for endangering their threats in the last Minute of the Brexit Treaty. His country’s desire to contribute to the discussion of all relevant questions, need no mediation of Spain, said Picardo of the BBC. He further accused the government in Madrid, to the question of the territory with a “whip” to the negotiating table to force.

Spain lays claim to the Rocky Peninsula, which was ceded in 1713 to great Britain. The majority of the citizens of Gibraltar had voted in the Referendum in 2016 for remaining in the EU. But without success: A majority of Britons voted in favour of leaving the EU, which will be completed in March 2019.

After months of negotiations have developed, the EU and the UK, a design for a Brexit agreement to be adopted at the weekend at a special summit of EU heads of state and government. EU representatives warned in the last days before that, the Text handle and the opponents of the agreement – be it animate eurosceptic British or other member countries, to Express at the very last second special requests.

Picardo also warned the BBC: If the draft will now be open again – even if only for a comma on the subject of Gibraltar were also negotiating other issues. “This agreement is a compromise in which nobody gets 100 percent and we nevertheless gain a lot,” says Picardo.

Picardo considers agreement to be possible

Spain, however, it was recently a claim. The government of Pedro Sánchez wants to amend the Text so that it has a veto right on any future decisions to Gibraltar. Sánchez said it was unimaginable that the future of Gibraltar was of negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union. This is what the present draft Treaty suggests.

In Paragraph 184 of the outlet agreement, the EU and the United Kingdom should “strive to the best of our ability, in good Faith and in full respect of each other’s legal systems” to achieve the agreed objectives. The UK is sufficient, also in relation to Gibraltar. Spain, however, is not convinced and wants to resolve the “ambiguity” of the paragraphs.

Gibraltar head of government again said that he consider an Amendment to the current draft is not necessary. In addition, he was expecting to soon have a solution to the question. “We have worked very hard and, in fact, with the Spanish colleagues to reach agreement on the role of Gibraltar in the retreat achieved the process,” said Picardo on the Morning of the BBC.

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