the head of The British Labour Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, has announced a vote of confidence against the Prime Minister Theresa May in Parliament. Not be able to topple the Opposition May, through the procedure provided for according to Reports.

the reason for the step, the refusal of the Prime Minister to let the Parliament before Christmas on their Brexit-Deal vote, Corbyn on the night in Parliament said. May had previously announced that the vote should only take place in the third week of January.

According to the British law, a mistrust must be lodged against the entire government so that it can be voted on. A motion of censure against the head of government is only symbolic in nature and not procedural consequences. When it could come to a vote, is still unclear.

Labour’s threatened proceedings is not provided for the according to media reports, thus helping to overthrow the government. But it would be an embarrassment for the beleaguered Prime Minister. The Opposition is dependent on the help of rebels from the government group, or from the Northern Irish DUP, the Mays minority government is based.

Theresa May

The head of government had to be postponed last week, the vote on the EU negotiated exit agreement in the short term, because a certain defeat suggested. The next day she had to face a vote of confidence in its conservative faction, which they overhang. However, languages are more than a third of their conservative party friends of the distrust.

cancellation of the Referendum

In Parliament, had put May on Monday evening, the suspended vote in Parliament on the Brexit agreement with the EU, now for the third week of January.

in Front of the deputies of the lower house, they lock at the same time, a second Referendum about the EU exit of the country from. There are only three options, she said, Leaving with the negotiated agreement, and an unregulated outlet or no. “It is only possible to avoid a hard Brexit, by reaching an agreement or by giving up the Brexit”, said May.

with The Labour Opposition called for a vote this week. She accused May, with the vote in January, the Parliament under the pressure of time, and their opponents the Black Peter for the threat of a disorderly Brexit carry the can.

The British are only 100 days until the planned exit date on the 29. March, whose displacement is requested by numerous members. May rejected this, as well as a second Referendum. You are not admitted, the agreement with the EU is far from perfect. If you are aiming at but the perfect solution, the risk to a outlet without a Deal.


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