Brexit All article To Person Paula Winkler/ Hanser Kate Connolly has been working since 1996 as a journalist and reported as a correspondent for the “Guardian” and “Observer” from Germany. According to the Brexit Referendum of the British, has applied for German citizenship and about the book “Brexit Exit. As I was German”. She lives with her husband and children in Potsdam.

MIRROR ONLINE : Mrs Connolly, after the forces zehrendem Back and Forth of the past few months, many German shake just your head, when it comes to Brexit. You do not understand what the British want. You know’s?

Kate Connolly: the closer the 29. March is coming, so the potential withdrawal date from the EU, the panic, the people are like. You hamsters, for example, food. At the same time, I have a suspicion that some British people enjoy this Drama. Because it is a cohesion that has long been felt.

MIRROR ONLINE: It is believed actually to the contrary between the Brexit-Store.

Connolly: Yes, but as May has lost the vote on the Treaty with the EU, have pleased both sides. In front of the Parliament in carnival mood. I was a pervert; it’s almost a “Dunkirk Spirit”, as at the time of the Second world war.

MIRROR ONLINE: you mean the Moment when British soldiers were trapped on the French coast by the Nazis, and British civilians rescued them in boats to the island.

Connolly: Exactly as Churchill, contrary to all reason said: We’re in this together, we get you. It was so irrational. It fits to the present.

MIRROR ONLINE: In your book you describe how you have been shocked by the result of the first referendum over a period of months. How do you feel today?

Connolly: Very sad. If I introduce myself now somewhere, I say: “I’m sorry, I’m from the UK.” And I am ashamed a bit when my daughter was driving with her Union Jack-Roller. During my last Visit home I noticed, however, that the subject is suppressed in Everyday conversation. Because there is a large potential for disputes, many marriages were destroyed.

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MIRROR ONLINE: your parents will have differently tuned, however, write to you: your mother, your father.

Connolly: Now is my father but also, perhaps because of the harmony in the marriage. After 50 years, you don’t want to go apart, finally, because of the Brexits. At a family party I tried to talk about it. But my uncle stopped me. Not to mention, this is very British.

MIRROR ONLINE: How is the inside of the Guardian editorial, for which you work? On the title pages of the newspaper positioned itself against the Brexit.

Connolly: there are also different opinions. Of course there are very many Brexit opponents, but also a small, but hard left, which wants to leave the EU.

MIRROR ONLINE: you Have discovered in the past few months, a new side of their home?

Connolly: Yes, the narrow-mindedness of many British. And I again become aware that we are an island. That used to mean for me: an adventurous, because you have always gone. Now, the term “Islander” means for me, but to go in to isolate.

Brexit answers to all important questions

MIRROR ONLINE: you have accepted because of the Brexits the German citizenship. What do you miss?

Connolly: a Lot of things. Family and friends of course, but also the great theatre and the Humor. The is in everyday life in the UK is very important, he is our valve: If, for example, the U-Bahn rides, we respond with black Humor and laugh. Even the Brexit, which is also just an expression of our identity crisis.

MIRROR ONLINE: where did this come from?

Connolly: can lead you back to the time when we were a large Empire, and it crumbled slowly, so the beginning of the last century. It has never been the same.

MIRROR ONLINE: what do you mean?

Connolly: Germany and the UK see their presence through the Prism of the past. For the Germans it means that they want to forget their Nazi past. For the EU, is a place of refuge, and rescue them from themselves. The British want to turn back to the glorious Empire, and thus back into the past. Last and feel that this identity crisis is very apparent during the Scottish independence referendum failed.

MIRROR ONLINE: do you Believe that there is a second independence referendum?

Connolly: Yes. It will take, because you would have to be sure this Time that it works. And: The Northern Irish were also against the Brexit, the London, and in Wales it was a close one.

MIRROR ONLINE: , The interest in British culture however, at least in the Form of series such as “The Crown” or “Sherlock”, seems to be going on in Germany.

Connolly: is, Strangely enough, this attractiveness intact, the Germans seem just as in love as before. I’m curious, what is the story of the first “James Bond”, will tell after the Brexit. Maybe 007 will lose all of its European partners. Or will he fall because of #MeToo in distress.

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