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Less than ten weeks before the planned Leaving date of the end of March in the UK, some medications almost. Pharmacists have been Reports of increasing problems, to come to a number of commonly prescribed drugs such as painkillers, antidepressants and blood pressure lowering pharmaceuticals.

In England are 80 medications so scarce that the government leads you to a “bottleneck list”. This enables the authorities to buy, they increased prices. In October, only 45 medicines were on this list. Also from Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, you hear reports about similar difficulties.

the exact cause of The shortages is controversial. The speech is from fluctuations in global demand, changing exchange rates and of problems with the manufacturers.

British seem to have stocks of

Gareth Jones of the Association of pharmacists “National Pharmacy Association”, however, sees a connection to the Brexit. He believes that the medication would almost because many British out of fear of a chaotic Brexit would have started hoarding them. The bills “to be a key factor,” said Jones of the BBC.

What can it mean if a medication is no longer to get, could you look at last week in the BBC broadcast of the “Victoria Derbyshire”. There is a young woman who no longer suffers from the pain of fibromyalgia syndrome that as of last month, an anti-inflammatory drug is available, the help you very told.

Instead, they have administered their Ibuprofen, a common pain medication. But that doesn’t have the same effect. “It was terrible. It makes my disease is a huge difference.”

your drug is not also used occasionally available told the woman. But always it had been, at the latest, after a few days in your pharmacy, in stock. Not so this Time.

medical Association calls for more transparency

The government rejected the suggestion. A spokesman for the health Ministry told the BBC that there is “no evidence that the current problems in the supply of drugs with the preparations for exiting the EU in the context of” would be.

Similarly, the Ministry stated in December, as it announced plans that it pharmacists in the future should be allowed, other drugs released than those that have been prescribed. Health Minister Matthew Hancock said at the time that this development does not have to do “only with the Brexit”.

The American medical Association, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), which represents tens of thousands of Doctors, does not want to give up with such explanations satisfied. The Association called on the government to more transparency with regard to the country-wide supplies of drugs.

pharmaceutical companies should stockpile

in fact, seems to be the government is aware that the Brexit plays a Central role in the drug shortages. The authorities have instructed the pharmaceutical companies of the country in the summer, until the planned Leaving date in March for additional supplies for six weeks.

In December, health Minister Hancock addressed a Letter to the pharmaceutical companies in the country. In it, he informed them that the government gives, it could give in the case of a “No Deal”-Brexits up to “six months” delay in the case of imports across the channel. The statement of additional supplies for six weeks, remained “an important part of our emergency plan”.

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The government had also taken further measures, writes the Minister. So we are going to create additional “cargo capacity”, “essential products” may continue to move freely to the UK.

In at least one case, the is gone, however, thoroughly in addition. For example, employees of the Ministry of transport did not look clearly and thoroughly exactly as they instructed recently, a Startup company, a new ferry service between the British Ramsgate and Ostend, Belgium. Because the company contracted to receive 13.8 million pounds, has no vessels, has no experience in the field and has copied their terms and conditions, apparently, of a Pizza delivery service.

Prepper rates of drug supplies

incidents such as this make for uncertainty. “The lack of communication and planning by the government lead the people to create supplies,” says Joanna Elgarf. She is the moderator of the Facebook group, “48 Percent Preppers”. The first part of the name refers to the 48 percent of the British, (and is easily forgotten) the EU have voted in a Referendum in mid-2016 for remaining in the EU.

“Prepper” people are preparing for a chaotic emergency situations, by creating inventories of water, food and, in some instances, of drugs. The group today has more than 6000 members.

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“We advise our members to hoard drugs,” says Joanna Elgarf. “But the people not to try it. There is a great uncertainty among people who are dependent on drugs.” In the group that you moderated, you would have reported some of the members that you Doctors facilities drugs for a shorter time than previously would have prescribed it – so for a month instead of three months.

many of their compatriots to invest in the face of political uncertainty, apparently, began, stocks of drugs, not in favour of them, says Joanna Elgarf. “But I can understand it.”

summary: In the UK are several drugs difficult to. The exact cause for the shortages is controversial. As the reasons for fluctuations in global Demands, from changing exchange rates and of problems in the manufacturers are headed. Apparently, many British concern hoarding in front of a chaotic Brexit drugs.

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