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the time until The withdrawal of Britain from the EU is becoming increasingly scarce, in London, political Chaos, Leaving the trade agreement is increasingly likely. Ireland would be affected in addition to the UK the hardest, because the new external border of the EU from 29. March would be in the middle of running through the island. And the Dublin government is doing to prepare for this case: nothing.

This at least has now made the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, when he presented to the emergency plans of his government to a No-Deal-Brexit. At around 130 pages, lists, like Ireland wants in this case is about trade, air transport or the medication supply is maintained. The most controversial issue – the return of a hard border to Northern Ireland, with controls for Goods and persons – will be left out.

“We have made no preparations for a physical infrastructure or something like that,” said Varadkar at the launch of the plans. Because of that, so his reasoning could be to “self-fulfilling prophecy”.

Hope that the agreement comes somehow through Parliament

Instead, Varadkar sets out that the UK Parliament to sanction the exit agreement with the EU in January, but still – even if there is little suggesting. The “full concentration” of his government accepted an agreement that prevents a hard border, the Premier said. Foreign Minister Simon Coveney explained that they wanted to acquire in case of emergency, after all, land in the ports of Dublin and Rosslare, enhanced border controls.

Ireland’s government chief Varadkar

The principle of hope is not governed only in Dublin. Also, the plans of the UK and the EU do not go for a No-Deal-Brexit, which were released this week, on the Irish border question. An Irish Diplomat from speaking, apparently, on both sides of the English channel: “We don’t want to think about a Brexit, without the agreement in the first place.” In Dublin you can see London in the responsibility to find a solution. The British Prime Minister Theresa May have promised to let in Ireland, no new frontier and it will take you at your word.

Although agreed between Brussels and London on a catch-all solution, which is intended to ensure that, in Ireland, no hard limit is, if you can’t agree on a solution. To do this, the UK should remain largely in the EU-customs Union – what is criticize Brexit-hard-liners in Mays Tory party sharp. This so-called Backstop, however, is part of the withdrawal agreement – and if this is not achieved, there is no Backstop. Ireland would then have to introduce according to EU law, checks at the border to Northern Ireland.

fear is at the green border

but That would be difficult, because the 500 km long, today the invisible border runs right through villages, farms and commercial premises, and it is estimated around 300 smaller and larger transition points. The attempt to control them, would in the opinion of the Irish government, with devastating consequences for the Irish economy. In addition, politicians fear for this case, the renewed Flare-up of armed unrest in the former war-torn country.

In the case of British Brexit-hard-liners but Varadkars announcement, no border post, to prepare, for pre-Christmas joy. “No agreement means no hard limit”, on Twitter Jacob Rees-Mogg, one of the leading figures of the conservative Brexiteers. “So you do not need a Backstop.” “Simple as that”, was the headline in the “Daily Express”. “Rees-Mogg finished Backstop armed with a simple Plan!”

not all is so simple it probably. Because Varadkar admitted that border controls in the event of a No-Deal would not be Brexits probably inevitable, even if you are prepared now. Although no one would have a hard border, said the head of government. But if both sides are not the same customs rules would apply, “device is in real trouble”.

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