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it is Believed Theresa May, the vote in the British Parliament on Tuesday evening a resounding success. “It is now clear that there is a way to a substantial and sustainable majority in this house, to leave the EU with an agreement,” said the British Prime Minister.

It was, once again, a very British view of things. Because from the perspective of the EU, things are hardly more clear than before. Of the seven applications, which were discussed in the London house of Commons, was rejected only a clear. He aimed at an extension of the Brexit negotiations in the case of simultaneous exclusion of No-Deal-exit. Three applications were scarce, only two received a small majority. And they contradict each other, at least from the point of view of the EU.

The first request is demanding that the British government, of leaving the EU without agreement to exclude. The second asks you to replace the emergency solution for the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland in the discharge of the contract by “alternative arrangements”. Only A renegotiation of the agreement, the rest of the EU rejected out of hand. This attitude should not change as if by a miracle, would be the result of request number two is exactly that withdrawal without agreement, the amendment number one to exclude.

Video: under-house wants to Brexit only with the agreement – and post-action


“We are now aiming for with this mandate, legally-binding changes to the exit agreement,” said the Prime Minister May. To allay British concerns about the Irish emergency solution. This so-called Backstop says that a new hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, should be avoided. The whole of the United Kingdom should remain in the EU customs Union, if London and Brussels until the end of 2021 on the future relationship.

If May has but to get a clear mandate from the Parliament, is likely to be from the point of view of the EU, at least, questionable. The Irish Minister for Europe, Helen McEntee about accused May, “to want your pre-Commitments” on the catch-all solution to undo. “This is annoying,” said McEntee of the TV channel RTE. A weakening of the so-called Backstop is not out of the question, it said in a statement the Irish government.

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Also, EU Council President Donald Tusk, just minutes after the vote in the house of a speaker explain that the EU-27 was by no means ready, the exit agreement to reopen. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, is considered to be representative of a hard line towards the United Kingdom, described the Deal as “not negotiable”. Also in the European Parliament there was “no majority for it, to open the Treaty again, or to dilute,” said Gu Verhofstadt, Chairman of the Brexit-control group of the Parliament.

Spain wants Gibraltar

talk Even more Trouble threatens the British with Spain. Madrid is currently trying, apparently, to put in a number of negotiation dossiers Gibraltar back on the agenda – and so intense that diplomats from other EU States are now annoyed. The British should demand further concessions in the Ireland-question, would bring the Spaniards probably again the British overseas territory in the game – as previously. And also other EU countries could impose new demands, such as the fishing rights in British waters.

In British government circles, it seems to have not taken into account. London’s diplomats responded on Tuesday, in Brussels, in any case, surprised at the question, at which point the British government to yield intend to receive in return from the EU’s concessions to the Irish border question. So far, it was said, did not want to open the agreement.

Also, in the EU, to doubt whether May could enforce a renegotiation of the Deal in Parliament now, or whether the rebel MPs would reject him promptly. “Without such a mandate,” says a senior Brussels Diplomat, “doesn’t need May to come in the first place back to Brussels”.

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