MIRROR ONLINE: Mr. Goetz, “A week is a long time in politics” – the phrase of British Prime Minister Harold Wilson coined. At the moment you could say, instead of week day. Why is Theresa May at the Brexit pressure-negotiations are now under so much time?

Goetz: The clock is ticking. The fixed Deadline, the date of Britain from the EU, the outlet is the 29. March 2019 23 PM. So far it is not succeeded, as this outlet is to run. Therefore, the hustle and bustle breaks out: Many people fear a “No Deal”-Brexit and chaotic States. You will want to prevent at all costs. But the time account is melting.

To the author of LMU Klaus H. Goetz is a Professor in the Department of political science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

his responsibilities include the areas of Political systems and European Integration. He conducts research for the factor “time” in the policy.

MIRROR ONLINE: Two years, but it is a long time to deal with complicated questions.

Goetz: Such deadlines help to sort whatever issues you edited first, or what until the end. A Central sticking point of the Brexit, the European Union has pointed out, for example, very early on, the question of how the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland should be handled. Nevertheless, the “Backstop”Problem not resolved to this day.

MIRROR ONLINE: Were measured in the two years in truth to just?

Goetz: Perhaps, Yes. I think no one can really say why they put it at the time, that the outlet must be completed within two years. It could have been three or four years. It is only now that you realize how complicated the negotiations with a major European state like the UK.

MIRROR ONLINE: we Come to a very short period of time: The Parliament has rejected the Deal from Theresa May on Tuesday and only three days time, a Plan B is required. Why?

Goetz: Because a majority of the members do not want Britain to be eliminated without an agreement. And you can only prevent by bringing the government into a tight spot, a different Deal.

MIRROR ONLINE: So the government comes to the Parliament as far as possible…

Goetz: The only question is: How far the government can meet? It laces up the Deal, once again, must be agreed in Brussels. The is create in such a short period of time. And the European Union has anyway made it clear they wanted To not have to renegotiate.

MIRROR ONLINE: Then the British Parliament with the 3-day period is also increasing pressure on the EU?

Goetz: of Course! The idea is: Should it succeed, Theresa May, to Monday, with a negotiating line that convinced the majority in Parliament, then she goes to Brussels and says: This is the only Deal that we can prevent a No-Deal scenario. And a non-Brexit, the EU has no interest at all.

MIRROR ONLINE: it’s about Power, about who blinks first?

Goetz: , The game time is always a game of Power! The ability to set time limits. The ability to surprise other – by conjures up suddenly, an Initiative out of the hat. The ability to delay, or other to impose its schedule. Who can who can wait? Who can afford to be patient? The is Makes. The example of Brexit, you see the very carefully.

MIRROR ONLINE: Who plays the game better – the UK or the EU?

Goetz: , The British play it as a former world power for centuries, they seem to be but in the French Michel Barnier, the experienced diplomat and chief negotiator of the EU, to have their master found.

MIRROR ONLINE: It is therefore a question of Timing?

Goetz: Often is in politics, more important, when you do something as what you do. That is to say, to be able to the right time for his interests to prevail. Time is – at least in democratic systems – the most important resource. When the time is ripe for something? When is it too early? When is it too late? Not in vain there is a saying: ‘the atrocities must be committed in the policy immediately’: Unpopular at the beginning of a parliamentary term – in the hope that voters have forgotten about it until the next election.

MIRROR ONLINE: In a good two months to leave the United Kingdom, the European Union. Wait and drink tea, can afford none of the negotiating partners.

Goetz: tea does not help as well. The next important date in the British Parliament on the 29. January. Who knows, maybe the UK is creating an agreement in the last second? At least we have to wait and see.

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