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The Japanese electronics conglomerate Sony has announced to move its European headquarters from the UK to the Netherlands. The administrative headquarters of Sony Europe will be relocated to the end of March from London to Amsterdam, a spokesman said. The measure purpose is to avoid “cumbersome customs procedures” – this Sony is afraid of, in the case of Unger Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Sony had in the past year, a new company in the Netherlands to register and wants to integrate its European headquarters there. This is a legal step, to leave the European representative of Sony in the EU. The in the UK for Sony-working staff and the daily business should not be relocated.

Sony’s competitor to the Panasonic had already been laid in the past year, its European headquarters from the UK to the Netherlands – from concern about tax problems around the Brexit. The UK should leave the EU at the end of March. The last one negotiated with the EU exit plan was in the British Parliament failed. Thus, an unregulated Brexit, the consequences for the economic relations between Britain and the EU would be unclear.

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Meanwhile, have also announced 47 banks, insurers and asset managers according to the Luxembourg information to relocate because of the Brexits parts of their business in the Grand Duchy. In total, Luxembourg had awarded in the past year, 80 new Bank licences, it shall notify the Agency Luxembourg for Finance.

in view of the uncertain position of the British companies have already started their contingency plans: The ferry operators P&O announced plans to register his in the English channel ships in the future on Cyprus. The vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson wants to relocate its headquarters to Singapore, and was appointed officially to the high demand in Asia. The cheap flyers Easyjet tries to shareholders from the UK and other countries outside the European economic area to get rid of.

Also, German companies have begun preparations for a possible disorderly Brexit. Thus, the chemical – and pharmaceutical group, Bayer larger storage areas for medication in the UK and the EU. The car manufacturer BMW has preferred in a British factory, the summer break on the Brexit-date.

The foreign trade Association BGA expects for the current year, despite the threat of hard Brexit with a growth of the German exports of up to three percent.


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