After the warning by the Parliament, the U.K. government published the legal opinion (PDF) of the attorney-General Geoffrey Cox to the Brexit design. With reference to national interests, the government had refused at first to surrender, and wanted to only publish a summary. Also, Cox had spoken out against a full release, they would reveal state secrets. Critics of the Brexit agreement had feared that you should be deprived of important information about the legal assessment of the withdrawal agreement before the 11. December put it to a vote.

First reactions seem to indicate some apprehension. In the report it is stated that the UK should remain as a Whole or in Northern Ireland may be for an indefinite period of time in a customs Union with the EU, should be within the transitional period up to 2022, no agreement on the future relationship. Both want to prevent MPs in the British Parliament.

According to the report, the finished negotiated Brexit agreement would apply to international law, until a new agreement is adopted. “The current draft of the Backstop allow no mechanism that could leave the United Kingdom lawfully from the customs Union, without any subsequent agreement leakage”, – stated in the report. The UK could leave the single market without the EU, a new agreement completed long negotiations with the EU threatening. “Without a right of termination, the legal risk that the United Kingdom is exposed to lengthy and repeated rounds of negotiations,” it says.

DUP report referred to as “devastating”

The group head of the Northern Irish DUP, Nigel Dodds, described the report as “devastating”. His party have rejected any Chance of the Deal. “The Prime Minister runs up against a wall,” said Dodds in a BBC Interview. The minority government of Prime Minister Theresa May is, however, dependent on the support of the DUP. Around 100 members of their own group have already announced resistance. The chances of the Prime Minister, in the vote on the 11. December to get a majority for their Deal, seem to dwindle more and more.

Also from the Opposition’s criticism was to keep the report secret. “We have heard all week by Government Ministers that the publication of this information could adversely affect the national interest. Nothing is the same. All of these pieces of advice show the Central weaknesses of the agreement of the government,” said shadow Brexitminister Keir Starmer for the Guardian. May dismissed allegations of the Scotish National Party, stating that they had misled the Parliament on this issue.

government must be equal to three defeats in Parliament to accept

On Tuesday, the government had to contend with before the Start of the five-day debate, three of the setbacks in Parliament. In addition to two defeats in connection with the legal opinion of the Parliament gave a voice for further action should fall, the Deal in the vote next week.

the UK, the EU is expected to be on 29. March 2019 to leave. The Brussels agreement foresees a Transition period until at least 2022, in the first, everything remains as before, and the new relationships can be negotiated.

Should be rejected the agreement, threatening political Chaos in the UK. It is also conceivable to leave the EU without agreement with drastic consequences for the economy and many other areas of life. Also a new election or a second Brexit Referendum.

The Opposition to negotiate calls by May, the Brexit Deal again. However, both the government in London as well as Brussels. “The only way to prevent a scenario without an agreement, is to accept the Deal,” said May in Parliament.

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