Spain dropped its objections to the Brexit Treaty. The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said after talks with EU Council President Donald Tusk. An agreement between Spain, the EU and the UK on the procedure for future negotiations on the British exclave Gibraltar. The way is thus prepared for the EU summit on Sunday.

The EU heads of state and heads of government want to decide on the special summit on the contract designs for the UK’s exit from the Union. Spain had threatened to block the summit, if it would not be involved in later negotiations between the EU and the UK over Gibraltar.

There’s an agreement on Gibraltar had been reached, he will vote on Sunday in Brussels for the exit of the Treaty of the EU with the UK, said Sánchez after a meeting with king Felipe VI in a speech. “Spain has overturned his Veto and will vote for the Brexit.”

the UK and the EU would have to insert agreed in the draft agreement a provision, according to which Spain could on the subject of Gibraltar directly with the British speak, said Sánchez.

A UK government spokesman assured that Spain, even after the Brexit in decisions about Gibraltar. The British government have had with the Spanish government in constructive discussions on certain aspects of Gibraltar; in the future London wool track “the same approach”.

British overseas territory for three centuries

The small Peninsula of Gibraltar in the South of Spain since 1713 to great Britain, but is required by Spain until today. Many Spanish people commute to Gibraltar to work. Because of its location on the Maritime trade of the important Strait of Gibraltar have Long been in dispute between the governments in Madrid and London.

In the Spanish Region of Andalusia, there’s an election coming soon. EU diplomats suspect behind Sanchez’ hard attitude, therefore, domestic political motives.

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