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Just a week after their historic defeat of the next difficult appearance in the British Parliament is Theresa May. In the afternoon, probably around 16.30, will present the Prime Minister in the house of their Brexit plans. How could the success of the regulated EU-exit?

last Tuesday, had given the deputies May a heavy defeat, as they voted by a large majority against the EU negotiated exit agreement. After surviving the vote of no confidence, May has negotiated with representatives of the Opposition and other EU government talking heads such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the leading politicians of the European Union.

A sticking point in the negotiations, the in-Brexit-agreement-written catch-all solution for the boundary between the British province of Northern Ireland and Ireland. This so-called Backstop provides that the United Kingdom remains in a customs Union with the EU, if no agreement is found. The Brexit-hard-liners fear that the UK would remain bound indefinitely to the EU.

According to the “Sunday Times” plans May now have a bilateral agreement with Ireland, the Northern Ireland and to solve the question. The Prime Minister would deal as a result, the catch-all solution. According to a report in the “Guardian” this is the most likely Option for the Mays Plan B, and you wanted to reach out to members of other groups. The conservative MP Graham Brady told the BBC that if the Problem of the Backstop can be solved, is likely to get the exit agreement, the consent of the Parliament.

Ireland want to catch-all solution to hold

The Problem is, however, that neither Ireland nor the European Union are expected to participate. The Irish foreign Minister Simon Coveney had already made it on Sunday clear that his government’s resignation to the between London and Brussels negotiated agreement – including the Backstop. According to the Irish Minister for Europe, Helen McEntee, Ireland does not want to negotiate bilaterally with the United Kingdom about the Brexit. The talks would be led by the EU with the British, she says, the state radio RTE. For Ireland, the good Friday agreement that ended the civil war in Northern Ireland was non-negotiable.

Skeptical of the Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas: It was “something of a mystery, which wants to negotiate with the British government, with Dublin,” said the SPD politician on Sunday evening in the ZDF programme “Berlin direkt”. Such a “supplementary agreement” will have “no impact on what has been agreed with the Commission”.

Maas said he had “great expectations” at may’s announcements on Monday. To the British members directed he said: “in the end, it is enough, if you do not decide in London what you want, but you now need to decide what you want.” The “image”newspaper said Maas, the UK must now look seriously and objectively, a way out.

Blair advises the EU of concessions

The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair does not expect an adjustment to the UK’s exit from the European Union. This risk he treasures to “maybe ten percent,” he said of the “world” from the Monday. “If that happens, then unintentionally.” A chaotic Brexit without agreement is therefore “the wrong focus”. Rather, a displacement of the exit date should be prepared.

to meet the EU Blair has described as useless. “The agreement on the future of the relationship is so vague that the Europeans have to adjust to a continuing fight,” said Blair. Even if the EU have nothing to add to the emergency as provided for catch-all solution for the boundary between the British province of Northern Ireland and Ireland, “even that would not save the Deal”. He does not believe, however, that the EU is giving up the Position of the Irish government.

New App for EU citizens

in Addition, May threatens in your home new Trouble. Deputies in the lower house want to deprive the Prime Minister, according to a report in the “Times” some of the control to the Brexit process. Thus, a party wants to bring the Initiative in May to stop the exit process, if until the end of February, no agreement in the British Parliament. A government spokeswoman called the Initiative “extremely worrying”.

the United Kingdom, the European Union, according to previous plans, on may 29. March, leave. The UK government launched on Monday a new Smartphone App for EU citizens who want to stay after a Brexit in the UK. About 3.5 million EU citizens living in the UK, will have to make after a Brexit a new application to continue in the country to work and to receive government benefits.

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