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The Danish Prime Minister, it was early in the Morning when you leave the EU Council building at the made it clear, why the heads of state and government, heads of their colleague Theresa May in the evening, not more. The British Prime Minister had to find a compromise, before she wanted to act in the Brussels post, said Lars Lokke Rasmussen. “It is necessary that you can handle in the British Parliament, the house tasks.”

However, this is easier said than done. In the UK, there is strong criticism of the withdrawal agreement negotiated by Theresa May with the EU. Of a majority in Parliament, the British Prime Minister is far away, so the evaluation in Brussels.

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The focus of the dispute is the so-called Backstop, a Notfallösung, in the North of Ireland in the customs Union and the internal market would remain. The EU wants to prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland for the case that according to the Brexit does not quickly succeed in a free trade Treaty with the British to negotiate, reached this goal. Many Brexiteers see it as an attack on the sovereignty of their country, and fear that the European Union wished to take the United Kingdom with this Trick for decades in captivity.

that was, as May and the other heads of state and government at the dinner on Thursday night (seafood with baby vegetables, steamed cod fillet with watercress, mashed potatoes and leeks) was discussed. Unlike previously, when the British Prime Minister was allowed to Brexit only present briefly, and then quickly out of the hall was asked, could ask the EU-top personal May for a good hour. The Whole thing should not look like the rest of the EU would have to negotiate with May, since the Brexit-the agreement should not be broken up, but still: You could check with APR personally, what you need to get the Deal through Parliament.

Theresa May

reports of individual British media, according to which May left it in the lap of clarity, lack of, seem to be exaggerated. May made it clear that any Change to the Backstop would help her, especially with a time limit. “We need to change the perception that the back stop could be a trap, could not escape the United Kingdom,” she said in the round. The heads of state and government should “hold nothing back”, which might help with a solution. “There are in my Parliament, a majority, of the (want to leave the EU) with a Deal,” says May. “With the right assurances, this agreement may be adopted.”

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The Problem was only, that May not be able to convince your colleagues exactly in this point, apparently, completely. “What need, exactly,” May, is said to have asked Chancellor Angela Merkel, once or twice, according to British journalists. Unlike the French President, Emmanuel Macron, Merkel is not reaching out more willing to May, as long as it is legally binding Changes in the exit agreement. However much wiser the Chancellor was not the answer to your question apparently. “Today, we emphasized again that we need the Backstop as a reinsurance, but of course a future relationship want to, in which each Partner can freely develop,” Merkel said after the Meeting. “We want to overcome the transitional phase of the Backstops.”

to illustrate this, agreed by the 27 state and heads of government, on a Declaration, as May had left the room. Compared to the draft of the paper together purred in some Places. The previously controversial paragraph, according to which the EU promised “to check if further concessions can be made”, has been completely deleted. Instead, the heads of state and government made heads it clear that the future free trade agreement that could replace the Backstop, it must also ensure “that a hard limit is avoided”, a for May more adverse clarification.

Jean-Claude Juncker

As you fell apart at about half past twelve at night, was the willingness of the heads of state and government, now, for January at a special summit to Brexit set rather low. Everything depended now of London, it said. “Our friends from the United Kingdom need to tell us what you want, instead of asking what we want,” said Jean-Claude Juncker, the Commission President, at the end of the Evening. He wishes that the British would make their expectations in a couple of weeks of clear, Juncker said. “Because currently, this debate is sometimes foggy and imprecise, and I would like to have clarifications.” The EU will intensify their efforts, in order to be for the case of a hard Brexit without agreement prepared.

“Brexit can never be a happy event,” joked Juncker, as him at the Exit of the Council building, a TV Crew, of all places, Dubai-intercepts. Before he gets in his Limousine Commission boss jokingly salutes in front of a police officer and kisses him on the left and right on the cheek.

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