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question of the Night: How would you like the threat of disorder, which would result in an unregulated Brexit, yet? The discussed presenter Anne Will and your guests.

Alternative of the Night: is The term that is called with the Brexit, often in the same breath, is “Chaos”. Also in the case of “Anne Will” appeared in the title: “dispute about the Brexit – who can stop the Chaos?” After all, in the talk show but two Alternatives in the use of language, were fed: As a “mess” described by Kate Connolly, Berlin correspondent of the British “Guardian” and “Observer” of the Situation. And the parliamentary leader of the Left in the Bundestag, Sahra wagenknecht, the language of the “Kladderadatsch”. What showed, at least, Chaos is not the only alternative.

claim of the Evening: Greg Hands, the Tory MP who had voted against Brexit, but now the result of the referendum implemented wants to see, called for more movement from the EU. The British Prime Minister, Theresa May negotiated agreement that had been rejected in London these days, was “only from the EU point of view, a good Deal”. It is the willingness to compromise need, specifically: in the case of the Backstop arrangement, with which the EU wants to prevent, in an emergency, a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, and in the case of reforms to a future customs Union.

Culinary allusion of the Evening (1): is A customs Union with the EU, in the UK, no seat would not be a good idea, said Hands: “If you don’t have a seat at the table, you are probably on the menu.”

Small door of the Night: of Luxembourg foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, called himself “a little man”, but in the show, quasi, the EU is represented, played back the responsibility to London: “We don’t know what you want, but we don’t know what you want.” The European Union went into the negotiations, “the limits of flexibility”. But he also opened a door or a cat flap. There’s a Brexit without a contract, “economic and social” not only for the United Kingdom result in “a disaster”, it is necessary to talk more. “This Backstop is nothing to do,” he said. But “we should see that we are moving in the customs Union”.

problem definition of the Night: , The British-German journalist, Kate Connolly, the cat struck the door again: “If we stay in the customs Union, we are still in the EU” – as many would think in the UK: “This will not be accepted.” The Problem was “this Referendum”. “The question was very simple: in or out?”

Culinary allusion of the Evening (2): you came from Norbert Röttgen (CDU), the Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee in the Bundestag. To make “Egg-scrambled eggs, is simple. To make a scrambled egg an Egg of its own, is more difficult.” Translation: The British decision to return to the Egg, is the one. How to do that, something else.

graphics to Brexit-Poker state-of-the negotiations, So it could have been further reported

the referendum supporters of the Evening: On Sunday, British members of Parliament – Labour, as Tory-people – have teamed up to prevent unregulated Brexit. That the Parliament prefer to the process, “parliamentary history, a real novelty,” said Röttgen. In it, he can see the possibility of a solution. If so, no agreement would be reached, “remains only a second Referendum”. Also, every legislator has the right to correct. Journalist Kate Connolly said, talking about it was “perfectly legitimate”.

the referendum opponents of the Evening: Greg Hands said the result of the first referendum, not to implement, was “totally undemocratic”. To clarify would be what would be in a new vote the question: whether to take may’s agreement? If you really wanted the Brexit? Sahra car, said Knecht, a second Referendum would increase the anger at “elites”, if you gave the impression, it will tuned up it will give a convenient result. Not a discussion on whether a Referendum on the issue would be useful, whether it should be a second Referendum.

dispute performance of the Night: servant, and Röttgen car they took. Wagenknecht said, the Brexit vote was “a vote against this EU, as it is today”, in the capital freedoms “take precedence over fundamental social rights”. To imagine is, of the four fundamental freedoms of the EU, to maintain the internal market freedom. They criticised the fact that too many workers from the Eastern EU countries had come to the UK. Röttgen accused her of an “economistic image of Europe”: “The Goods are to Hiking, the people are supposed to stay home?” He compared it with the populists of the right. Wagenknecht: “This is now really cheap. It comes to regulations, creating anti-European resentment.”

bouncer of the Night: Jean Asselborn said, the task is to prevent a Brexit without a Deal. He left it at the end with vague hints, however, so he dismissed the audience hope in the night: “There are approaches.”

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