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The Brexiteers of the Night: As a Brexit-advocate was invited to the German-born former Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who was “not happy” about the developments since the Referendum, the British Leave-vote, but defended the introduction of the Euro as the starting point of the British alienation from the EU. It’s not about dreams of Empire, but rather that the British “island people” wanted to have the last word about who will make their laws.

In the same notch of the AfD-Chairman Alexander Gauland, of the was struck, “of course,” should Europe come now, contrary to the British, it is wrong “to insist on maximum demands”. He complained about “too many notes, according to the Motto: ‘We must make the British realize that another is allowed to go this way.'” His proposal: the United Kingdom should remain for a transition period of the customs Union, but without the free movement of persons.

if you Would change in this respect, the European Position, agreed Stuart, “would change the ratio in the house of Commons”.

Video: voices from the Brexit-the-high-castle in the London borough of Havering


The Pro-Europe group of the Night: Very different the saw the pro-European participants in the discussion. ÖVP-politician Wolfgang Sobotka, President of the Austrian national Council, saw little room for renegotiations, and said, this is not about punishment, but about the fact that it was in the agreement a good compromise. The four freedoms – people, Goods, services and capital – would have to be taken into account.

German foreign Minister Heiko Maas saw further opportunities for a child’s Brexit – and would take to its own information, according to an Undoing of the previous compromise between the EU and the UK. “I believe that the last word is not yet spoken.” He saw but the EU on the train: “The British have so far not said what you want. Now you need to say what you want.”

And the political scientist Ulrike Guérot attested to the EU-a “clean, sober, unified,” Yes “perfect negotiation”. With Sobotka and Maas they not agreed that the four freedoms are non-negotiable: “We must not only about Goods, we must also talk about people.” And: “the single market without freedom of movement, Mr Gauland is unacceptable!”

The Backstop debate of the Night: After the drip solution, which is intended to ensure that there are no customs controls between the member of the EU, Ireland and the British Northern Ireland will be necessary, once identified as a stumbling block, were used culinary comparisons: “You can’t have your cake and eat it”, tried to Ulrike Guérot, a well-known English figure of speech, and Wolfgang Sobotka, said, “to make a Europe à la carte, almost anything pick that’s just too much”.

Heiko Maas, in turn, stressed that the border issue is not a result of the EU negotiations, but the Brexit vote, would not have considered the opt-out proponents, unfortunately, probably sufficient. He earned applause for the statement, “Europe is a peace project”. A hard limit is “not only a technical thing”, but a threat to the peace, therefore, must remain in the point hard. Gauland criticized this view as “ideological”.

graphics to Brexit-Poker state-of-the negotiations, So it could continue to charge the Finance expert and journalist Carolin Roth

The economic forecasts of the Evening: to illustrate, what are the consequences of a No-Deal-Brexit would be for the economy. Although they sent, the trade relations between the EU and the UK would also be rules to fall without a contract, “the black hole”, there is finally the WTO. But then you had dramatic Figures of Europe.

On the consumer would have to pay most in the UK: according to forecasts, the economy would shrink by eight percent, and a rise in unemployment to 7.5 percent. A success story could not be such a hard Brexit “safe in a short period of time”.

Brexit activist Stuart doubted the Figures: “Eight percent? That is, as if they had been together earthquake, Tsunami, and even more.” Also, the question is whether you don’t care that their clientele had to pay for the Brexit, let you do not apply The traditional Labour voters from the old industry would be grounds for “Leave” vote. If the policy, I made a mistake, then, “that you brought instead of the own people to train young people from Eastern Europe”.

The not-Gag of the Night: As Illner of the SPD-politician Maas wanted to know if he had any hope of a second Referendum, such hopes there were in his party, made it clear the first time: “There are hopes in my party, and there is hope for my party.” A second Referendum, the British would have to decide but himself, and he did not see any signs of it.

“Dexit”-digression of the Night: On the question whether the AfD is in view of their recent party Congress decisions, “the German Brexit-party,” said Gauland, they wanted “a Reform of the EU only to the common European market, but not the development of a common European state”. Maas’ throw-in, it was funny to want the European Parliament to abolish, but to run at the same time, he rejected: “The European Parliament is now, so we need to be as an opposition force.” The influence of AfD on the European opinion he valued as a limited to learn but a lot of the FPÖ, and also of Sebastian Kurz.

The Hölderlin quote of the Night: “Where danger is, the Saving is close,” said political scientist Guérot free after Hölderlin (“but Where danger is, grows / The Saving”) your hope that the Brexit-Drama could have a startling effect. With a view to the European elections, some could be clear, what would you have in the EU.

Also Heiko Maas argued against a return to national Thinking and for a strengthening of the European Parliament. All of the challenges of our time – globalisation, digitisation, climate change, Migration – to be limitless. To believe “that you can find solutions by pulling back and national decides, is the biggest misconception. Therefore, the German interest has a name: Europe.”

The last word he had not. Gisela Stuart was addressed to him: “No British politician could ever imagine to say that British interests are not the same, we European interests.” Alexander Gauland giggled quietly and murmured: “Very well.”

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