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The Federal government have taken note of the fact that the British Parliament “wool Seibert more clarity” on the border regime between the EU member Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland, said the German government spokesman, Steffen. It was now the task of the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, the EU Commission, “explanatory notes”.

demands of the British government, to negotiate again about the Brexit agreement, rejected the Federal government. “The Opening of the withdrawal agreement is not on the agenda,” said Seibert. The European Union had rejected demands to renegotiate the night before.

Juncker believes to solution when it comes to Brexit

The British house of Commons had on Tuesday evening in a series of votes, each with a narrow majority only in two positions:

There shall be no uncontrolled leakage, but this is more than a statement of intent. The Prime Minister May want to negotiate in Brussels once again on the EU-demanded a guarantee of an open border in Ireland in the Brexit Deal. Your goal is to eliminate these so – called Backstop, and replace it. This request was supported by APR on Tuesday, so you could capture the result of the vote as a success. More on the topic of Brexit negotiations Backstop – what is it, what time is the come on, why is this so damn complicated?

“The Federal government welcomes that the UK has made under the house to want the EU without an exit agreement,” said Seibert. “This is, in fact, long been our Belief.”

Steffen Seibert

Seibert said he would not speculate on the likelihood of a hard Brexits without agreement, in the event no agreement is reached between the EU and London on repairs. Nevertheless, the Federal government had taken “just in case” preparations for a No-Deal-Brexit.

EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, maintains its an amicable separation of the United Kingdom is still possible. “I’m an Optimist by nature,” said Juncker in the European Parliament. “This leads me to assume that there may be an agreement with the United Kingdom and will be. We will work day and night, that it was coming.”


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