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In the struggle for the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union has warned the competent parliamentary Committee of the economic consequences of a disorderly Brexits. The panel was “deeply concerned” about whether companies are prepared for a so-called Brexit. At the same time, urged British companies to the Prime Minister May, in the disputes in the British Parliament to settle, and quickly, an exit agreement with the EU to negotiate.

An unregulated Brexit the UK would 29 after the planned exit from the EU. March overnight to a third state. The Committee asked to speak to the avert and criticised the fact that the British government had begun late, with a British company about a No-Deal scenario, and guidelines. Thus, the worst consequences were expected to not turn away.

For the case of a hard Brexit without agreement, an increase in the customs duties for cars to ten percent, threatening the view of the Committee, in accordance with the rules of the world trade organization, for example. The charges for food could be even higher. That alone would export a “significant impact” on the competitiveness of firms mean.

in addition, It was expected that the Goods would be inspected in the customs more often – which would have additional costs. “Many British exporters, including many small and medium-sized companies that have no experience with customs controls and would pull without in-depth preparation and support, probably, simply from these markets back,” warned the MP.

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The Committee’s report quoted Jon Thompson, head of the customs and tax authority, HMRC, has warned the MP: “We can give you or the Ministers to insure in any way, what would happen in the event of a No-Deal scenario. We don’t know it.” He could not even speculate, because there were several problems in this case.

The parliamentarians complained in particular that the British government is speculating how the EU would behave in the event of a hard Brexits. However, it is expected that the EU’s willingness to meet with individual sectors agreements, “would be quite limited”.

After the Failure of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, negotiated Deals with the EU a series of votes on the subject in the British house of Commons again this week. May want to leave the house of Commons on Tuesday about a Plan B to the vote, the chief negotiator, Michel Barnier is pushing for decisions of the British side.

“Harmful, destructive, and chaotic,”

The British chamber of Commerce told the Guardian at the weekend that a majority of its 75,000 members emergency develop plans for a disorderly Brexit. Many companies are considering to relocate parts of their operations abroad.

James Steward, Brexit officer of the consulting firm KPMG, warned also of the uncertainty of a No-Deal scenario: “The output of the Brexits to predict as the result of a dog to appreciate the race – there are no safe bets.” Almost all the larger companies would, in the meantime, try a hard Brexit prepare. The precautionary shipment of goods, more staff for April and the market access of companies.

Bob Sanguinetti, chief Executive of the UK chamber of shipping, warned of a No-Deal scenario, the “to be harmful, destructive and chaotic for the business and the consumer”. He spoke to the news Agency Reuters, in the struggle for an exit agreement party politics. “We need to look at what is Best for the country.” May to was the so-called Backstop, the Central point of contention in the failed outlet deal, either drop, or time limit.

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The Backstop provides that the UK remains so long in the customs Union with the EU, until another solution is found. In addition, to apply in Northern Ireland, some of the internal market rules. Critics fear that the Backstop could bind the UK permanently to the European Union. The Northern Irish DUP, of the Mays minority government depends, rejects any special status for Northern Ireland. May want to act with the Brussels post.


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