In the dispute over the Brexit drains the Northern Ireland party, the DUP, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May-a newspaper report that the support. May should not be replaced, would be terminated, the cooperation of the government, reported the Daily Telegraph citing the environment of the DUP Leader, Arlene Foster. The minority government of the Tories under May is in Parliament by the votes of the Protestant and probritischen DUP.

Jan objected to the speculation. “We are still working with the DUP,” said May in the UK LBC Radio. There, you answered phone calls from listeners.

May stands with her Brexit course also in the own ranks. A vote of no confidence threatens. In Protest against the Brexit agreement with the European Union for the EU exit, the Minister responsible, Dominic Raab, and labour Minister Esther McVey resigned on Thursday. It is open whether the Brexit Treaty draft to find a majority in Parliament.

On Thursday evening, May defended the draft Treaty. “I believe it with every fiber of my body that I have pursued is the right one for my country,” said the Prime Minister after a heated debate in the lower house at a press conference. The planned Brexit Deal is the best possible agreement and “in the national interest”.

It is expected that May possibly soon present a successor for the resigned, Leaving Minister of Raab. According to the BBC’s environment Minister, Michael Gove had rejected an offer, since May have rejected his condition to Changes in the Brexit Deals. The head of government said, you will present in the coming days, a successor for Raab. With Gove, you have spoken only about the topic of fishing.

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