The British Prime Minister, Theresa May rejects for changes to the with the EU negotiated Brexit Treaty. To give this there is no Alternative, – said Jun in a guest contribution to the newspaper Sun on Sunday. “There is no other concept that we can come to an agreement with the EU.” The Parliament should reject the Treaty, this would increase the separation and uncertainty, added May.

The British government and the chief negotiator of the EU had agreed recently on a draft for a Brexit agreement. However, we could not rely May on a secure majority in the lower house. Members of her Conservative party have already announced to vote against the agreement. In addition, May is threatening a no-confidence vote in Parliament.

The Chairman of the Conservatives in the house of Commons, Andrea Leadsom, told the BBC that they support May, but was not completely satisfied with the agreement. “I think it is still possible to improve the clarity and some of the measures in it, and I hope to be able to help.” Several British media reported that Leadsom wool with four other leading Ministers in May to amend the contract.

The EU member States to advise on Sunday for the first time on the draft of a withdrawal agreement with the United Kingdom. The EU ambassadors get together for lunch in Brussels without the British representatives. Their governments have examined the Brexit Treaty in the past few days, and can now give a first assessment. The Meeting is intended to allow the preparation of the special summit of the EU heads of state and government to be leaders in a week’s time, on which the Convention approved.

the UK occurs on the 29. March 2019 from the EU. Of the 585 pages long Brexit Treaty provides for, among other things, a transitional phase until the end of 2020, regulates the future rights of the citizens on both sides, the financial demands on the government in London and the Status of the British province of Northern Ireland.

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