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Theresa May hopes to continue to EU concessions to the Brexit Treaty. The decision of the 27 EU member States to the special rules for the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, would be more than before, said the British Prime Minister, after the negotiations in Brussels. However, they required further concessions, before the exit of the Treaty could be ratified.

May want to lead in the next few days with their EU-colleagues for more talks about it. “My discussions with colleagues have today shown that further clarifications and discussions, in fact, are possible,” she said.

The focus of the dispute is the so-called Backstop, an emergency solution would remain in the North of Ireland in the customs Union and the internal market. Strict Brexit advocates fear that the UK would remain bound so tightly to the EU and no trade could enter into contracts. Among other things, therefore, no majority for the termination agreement signed in the British house of Commons.

However, the rest of the EU does not want to play the game. The legal commitment that there will be no Backstop, will not give the EU, stressed several EU leaders. For this, you made it to the Prime Minister in Brussels, the commitment to make use of the catch-all solution for Northern Ireland in case of emergency only “temporary” use. May welcomed the Declaration of intent of the EU colleagues.

the UK wants the EU on 29. March 2019 to leave. May had to be postponed for last Tuesday’s planned vote on the Brexit Treaty in the British house of Commons due to a lack of majorities, and in conversations with EU leaders to further concessions. The vote is now at the latest to the 21. January take place.

“Robust” talks with Juncker

How tense the Situation was, was also on the sidelines of the summit. EU-politicians had spoken in Brussels on the night of difficult discussions. They criticized that May have not explained clear enough what you actually need. Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called the negotiations with the British “nebulous and imprecise”.

May was Juncker then in front of the cameras. You’ve led with the Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to be “robust” talks, she said later. Juncker had assured her that he had meant by his designation of the “General state of the debate,” said May.

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