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The European Union, from the British house of Commons demanded a Change in the Brexit Treaty, rejects. A spokesman for EU President Donald Tusk said on Tuesday evening immediately after the vote in the British Parliament. This line is matched with the main cities of the 27 remaining EU countries.

had Previously voted in the Parliament in London to negotiate with the EU on the withdrawal of the contract and to cancel the so-called Backstop. This is a guarantee clause for an open border between British Northern Ireland and the EU Ireland. The approved motion by the conservative MPs Graham Brady asks, instead, “alternative arrangements”.

Prime Minister, Theresa May, had supported this application and members asked to give it a clear mandate for the renegotiations with the EU.

the violence in Northern Ireland to prevent

The EU sees the critical, confirmed the speaker of Council President Tusk flare-up: “The exit agreement is and remains the best and the only way that an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The Backstop is part of the withdrawal agreement and the exit agreement is not for renegotiation.” The have decided to the EU-summit in December is very clear.

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The EU is on the Backstop clause, because a division of the Irish island is a flare up of violence in the former civil war region could provoke. However, a large part of the deputies in Mays Conservative party and the North reject Irish-Protestant DUP, from the Mays minority government depends on the scheme.

The Backstop, Großbritannienso remains long in the customs Union with the EU, until another solution is found, moreover, should apply in Northern Ireland, some of the internal market rules. Critics fear that this clause could bind the UK permanently to the European Union. The DUP rejects any special status for Northern Ireland.

In the civil war in Northern Ireland, the underground organization IRA fought pro-Irish Catholics, under the leadership of counter-Protestant, pro-British loyalists. In essence, it was a question of whether the should be United to great Britain belonging to the Northern part of Ireland with the Republic in the South. In the three decades-long conflict that ended in 1998 with the good Friday agreement, which killed more than 3600 people. More than 500 000 in the Region as traumatized.

Open the EU shows, however, for a shift of the Brexit-date 29. March. “There should be a substantiated request for an extension, the EU27, ready to pull him into consideration and to decide unanimously,” let Tusk know. The question of how long the deadline would be extended, will involve the EU, “the Functioning of the EU institutions”. A request for postponement of the discharge date had been rejected in the lower house before.

at the end of may, a new Europe will be elected to Parliament. Therefore, only an extension of the withdrawal deadline until the end of June was in Brussels so far in the conversation. To go beyond, the UK would determine, once again, members of the European Parliament for the new Parliament.


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