ever since this week is: the British struggle these days, eager to develop a new Form of the absurd humour – aye, no, no, aye. May the way. May not way. What the speaker of the house of Commons “Order, Order” roars – the Only thing that the British did not have politically. The Brexit has added Bleating to the British, according to expert estimates, is now more economic damage than the opponents of the EU had them fooled as the profit of an exit. Gaga.

The style of the form just seems to Come. What is the British Brexit, the Amis is a Rumtata-President, the practice rant in the Betting without always entirely clear what he actually wants. Except Build A Wall. The Italians, on the find a Clown. And the French? Block time back to the streets. All the crazy?

Possible. Could be, however, that the others have to say about us soon. What looks like will be frequent in all sorts of countries, just as happened to gagaeske political disasters with typical of the country-folk variations, on closer examination, a common cause. And you could also start with us soon, very much fatal.

For the USA, found researchers after the Trump-election in 2016 that won, especially where it was in the years before the biggest economic Disaster as a result of the collection of cheaper Chinese competition. Similar socio-economic causes of experts for France found. And for Germany, where in the past the rights of parties are particularly good sections, where globalization is waning industries.

Greater crash risk for many of the

What fits in turn to other studies, according to which the probability for each has grown strongly, in the course of working life financially crashing. Means For politicians with simple world images, not necessarily only the poor, but remarkably often the people who descend to be afraid, and also because politicians convey the sheer globalisation and deregulation, and state withdrawal by yourself the impression to have everything under control.

the origin of the Brexit Disaster is That these days, a recently published study on the voting behaviour of the British in regard to the EU-exit would suggest. How Thiemo Fetzer of the University of Warwick found out, to put the outlet party is Ukip for years, striking strongly in structurally weak regions, where many people work in relatively simple Jobs, or, rather, the weak are formed. However, only since 2010. What I have tried to understand Fetzer closer to him on another track.

on closer Inspection noticed that in the weakened regions, especially a group of people vulnerable for the EU-Bashing was all the one that suffered after the financial crisis, particularly including that the government spending everywhere and cut benefits began – the government deficit to reduce the created by the banking disaster.

deleted social assistance, Brexit

all in All elected the expenditure of the districts for social and welfare by almost a quarter had been cut in this period, per capita Fetzer – a huge cut, especially for the Weakened anyway. In districts where much was cut, won Ukip since then. And there was also the Brexit vote, a striking number of Yes votes.

The fiscal Coup seems to have been for the British like a turn-of-cast. By 2010, the British have balanced the welfare state, apparently, what people have felt the effects of frustration on globalization shocks and growing inequality, according to Fetzer. This frustration had erupted with the Onset of austerity after 2010 – a resentment that came to a head in political discontent and tangled Brexit request.

With fatal consequences. From the statistically determinable effect of the state cuts have had on the Brexit-choice behavior of an Individual, after Fetzers estimates are derived, that without the reduction-induced frustration in order to boost the Referendum would have given almost ten percentage points less Brexit-Vote. Means: Then there would be no Brexit-Gaga – and could deal with the British to return with more meaningful.

The finding could have found fit to what a researcher to the choice behavior of the Trump-selector for the USA. And he seems to fit one of the common complaints of local angry – which, for years, no money for the Germans (German austerity), but then (supposedly) for the refugees. But the people can’t, which escaped from somewhere, but rather Wolfgang Schäuble. Perhaps it would not be in Germany, but also much less of AfD followers, if the people in the regions in which it is far from easy, it would have to do without for years on money, because it has wanted the Holy black Zero.

Black Zero red Numbers at the citizens

Fetzer found for the UK, also found that those with cuts, the most affected were, in polls more than others complain that “politicians don’t (for you)”, or anyway not take it seriously. About the, as an involuntary contribution to the achievement of the national Black Zero at the end of the month now, often times red Numbers on the account.

Still works for us pretty strange, what is going on politically currently in the once highly esteemed democracies such as the UK and the USA – so for those who authorize us, to the Global, and Deregulate, and the state cut so allegedly great advance. And now, perhaps not coincidentally, the largest political-Gaga experience.

More on the topic of AFP Macron in the crisis: When the Star-reformers, the people running away

the Drama is created with us, also, the studies suggest, the show that also in this country, first and foremost, there is a loud rumbling right-wing parties, where there was in the past years, the biggest frustration about breaks, and loss of control. A dangerous Trend, as the British like Americans, just watch: Is the trust of the supposed old guard there once, rumbles, it is politically quite openly. And so some are full of resentment even with the biggest bullshit of a sudden curls. Whether Brexit, without any discernible sense. Or The Construction Of The Wall. The main thing is to Rant on others.

Fetzers to found finding the Brexit-the causes of similar to the creepy kind to the estimates of historians, the comparable – and at the end is still far fataleren – effect of reduction in orgies for the time in Germany some 90 years ago. Then, too, after a big banking crisis. Therefore, the national socialists gained votes at the beginning of the thirty years especially in the regions of Germany, where in the panic after the Crash, especially a lot of the state was reduced – so much that it wouldn’t have passed even to the seizure of power, the researchers calculated.

Little Wake-up call to all the rumbling due to the weakening economy, to be spent, we are social.

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