The British Cabinet of Ministers the draft of the Treaty text the EU exit Prime Minister Theresa May. “The joint decision of the Cabinet was that the government should support the exit agreement,” said May. The decision was not easy, but it was the best deal you can negotiate. “This is strongly in the national interest, and this is a Deal that fulfills the promise of the referendum,” she said. The decision strength of jobs and cohesion. Now difficult days ahead””.

Guy Verhofstadt, the coordinates of the Brexitverhandlungen for the European Parliament, speaks of a “milestone for a credible and sustainable future relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom”. It was “encouraging” that the move to a fair Deal that will enable an orderly withdrawal, he wrote in a Statement. The agreement includes a so-called Backstop that will prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. The EU-Parliament, published in the meantime, the 585-page draft of full-length (pdf). The British government published a seven-page summary (pdf).

EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, the negotiations with the approval is almost at the destination. He may see enough progress to finish the negotiations now.

Michel Barnier, representative of the EU for the exit negotiations, said the Text prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. The aim was first to clarify the question of an agreement on the future of relations during the planned transition phase after the Brexit finally. Not the time, rich would be extended for a Transitional period, or is it birds of a catch-all solution, in the whole of the United Kingdom to stay in a customs Union with the EU. The border issue was the most important point of contention in the negotiations.

Scotland, warns of “devastating” impact

Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, holding the agreement “is not a good Deal for Scotland”. It contained “the worst of both worlds,” said Sturgeon of the BBC. He would take Scotland out of the single market, while Northern Ireland would remain de facto. This would have a “devastating” impact on jobs and investment in Scotland, said Sturgeon.

Nigel Farage, who had driven the Brexit campaign, significant progress, called on all members of the Cabinet, the “true Brexiteers”, to resign. Otherwise, you could trust them never again. Brexit-hardline Jacob Rees-Mogg called for in a letter to all the members of the Conservative party to vote against the Deal. Politicians of the Northern Irish DUP, announced resistance. According to media reports, Theresa May wished to meet on the same evening, the DUP politician Arlene Foster.

Prior to the Cabinet meeting, had expressed May already optimistic about the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU. The Ministers would decide, against the Background of national interest on the next steps, May had said the afternoon before the members of the British Parliament in London. She was “confident that this will bring us significantly in the implementation of the Referendum expressed desire of the British citizens”.

Possible special EU summit on 25. November

May and her Cabinet had advised since the afternoon on the design for the exit from the EU. The meeting, which was initially scheduled for three hours, dragged on for more than five hours. The scheduled press conference of the head of government was cancelled. Deputies had complained that May want to answer questions of journalists before the Parliament have the opportunity to question the head of government. May’s office said, finally, in the evening, there will be after the Cabinet meeting only a short Statement. On Thursday they will appear before the Parliament and make a statement.

negotiators from the EU and the UK had agreed on Tuesday night on a design for the exit contract (pdf). He rules the basics the separation of the United Kingdom of the EU in March 2019. At the same time, the EU Commission informed in the afternoon the ambassadors of the rest of the 27 EU member States on the Text. No information penetrated almost to the outside. Diplomats in Brussels said that they were waiting on a “Signal from London,” and the approval of the Cabinet. A Diplomat also said: “Everything is still very fragile.”

The Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, a special summit of the EU heads of state said meanwhile, in Dublin, and head of the government, could for 25. November will be recognized.

The exit contract must also agree to the British Parliament. Many members see the agreement as critical. The Brexit-the agreement could lead to the break-up of the United Kingdom, said the DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson to the radio station BBC. It was nothing, which could help the party. His voice has weight, because the Northern Irish DUP supports Mays minority government. The party is afraid of a split between Northern Ireland and great Britain. The Opposition wants to make it May not easy. Head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn asked for already, together with other parties has the right to change the phase of the contract.

May the claim rejected immediately. Also, a second referendum from the castle. “We will not hold a Referendum, we will not fall behind the decision of the British people back,” she said in front of the Parliament. The British had voted in 2016, with a narrow majority of 52 per cent for the EU exit.

read here what is so far about the Brexit-a compromise between the UK and the EU.

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