On the day after the largely empty speech, the Prime Minister Theresa May in the house of Commons grew, the fears of a disorderly Brexit. The reactions of the economy was followed by the prompt: several prominent British firms have announced measures.

The British vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson for example, intends to relocate its headquarters to Singapore. He stressed though that had nothing to do with the impending withdrawal of Britain from the European Union, but with the high demand in Asia. However, the Timing of the announcement is at least striking. Dyson founder James Dyson is an ardent supporter of Brexit. He had already announced last year that he would produce in Singapore, electric cars.

The British ferry operators P&O announced plans to register his in the English channel ships in the future on Cyprus. Had affected a total of four out of a total of 20 ferries. The re-flagging of a possible disorderly Brexit would lead to “fewer inspections and delays,” and, thus, a higher freight, P&O. You’ll be able to in addition, the EU tax rules continue to apply.

In December, P&O had already announced to leave two between France and the United Kingdom ferry services in the Cyprus register. You are now registered in Cyprus Limassol.

Overview DPA Brexit-follow: double blow to Germany’s companies

The British low-cost airline Easyjet is pushing ahead with its preparations for the forthcoming Brexit. As the rival, Ryanair from Ireland, the company is trying to make a part of its shareholders from the UK and other countries outside the European economic area to get rid of.

Easyjet chief Johan Lundgren is to ensure that the airline at the latest on 29. March – the planned Leaving date, the majority of owners from the EU economic area. This is considered to be a prerequisite for the fact that his Airline may fly on routes within the EU.

The British car manufacturer Bentley warned his investors and customers, however, already prophylactically: An unregulated Brexit could ruin the company planned to return to the profit zone. “The Brexit is the Killer,” said company boss Adrian Hallmark. “If we get a hard Brexit would cost us the meet.”

warned The German confectionery industry also with much more serious consequences. 3000 Workers were in this country every year is about 800 million Euro Export to the UK-dependent, said Bastian Fassin, by the Federal Association of the German confectionery industry. The were about six per cent of the production of confectionery in Germany.

It is not threatened only bottlenecks, and customs of delivery in the amount of 5 to 15 percent, but the industry is doing overall, a great deal of uncertainty. “We don’t even know what customs are allowed to fill out the form we and what are the customs class, we are,” said Fassin, who is also the CEO of Katjes.

The situation was already tense, because the industry has lost due to the devaluation of the pound in the past two years, already has 50 million euros. Since the value of the pound declined, the revenue in the United Kingdom, less Euro in the balance sheets of German companies.


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