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A day before the Parliament vote on the exit agreement with the EU, the British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned of a break-up of the United Kingdom in the event of leaving the EU without agreement. A so-called No-Deal-Brexit would strengthen the proponents of a Scottish independence and of a merger of Northern Ireland and Ireland , said May in a speech in Parliament. “That is certainly the actual threat to our Union,” said May.

The head of government asked the deputies to give the Brussels agreements negotiated a second Chance and watch it in the next 24 hours. “No,it’s not perfect,” she said, “and Yes, it is a compromise.”

However, members should keep in mind how each decision would be evaluated in future history books. “I say we should deliver to the British people and continue to create a bright future for the country by supporting this Deal in the morning!”

May have to count on Tuesday with a defeat, when Parliament votes on the evening of the exit agreement. About 100 members of their own group have spoken out against it.

On the question of whether May will resign in case of defeat, the spokesman said that it had always been clear that it would enforce the Brexit.

On Monday, May tried to convince the members of Parliament with re-assurances from Brussels. EU Council President Donald Tusk and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had tried, in a letter to the Prime Minister, concerns in the British Parliament against the withdrawal agreement are to be removed.

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