According to the British chamber of Commerce have already developed thousands of British business emergency plans, in order to a disordered Brexit prepare. Many companies would consider to relocate parts of their operations abroad. “Companies that have already started are only the tip of the iceberg”, with parts of the chamber opposite the British newspaper “The Guardian”. A majority of the 75,000 members had already provided funds for the preparation of such emergency measures.

“After the agreement of the Prime Ministers Theresa May was rejected, we see a massive increase in the number of companies that want to protect themselves from the worst effects of No-Deal-Brexits”, – stated in the message of the Association.

Alone in the past days, 35 companies had announced plans to relocate corporate activities abroad, or Goods into the warehouse, to the worst effects of No-Deal-Brexits prepare. Including the aviation and defence group Airbus, employed on the island of 14,000 people. In the case of an unjust exit from the EU, the group threatened with the closure of factories. “All those who doubt this, Airbus could pull off in case of No-Deal-Brexits shops of the UK are wrong,” said Airbus CEO Thomas Enders, in a video message.

Overview DPA Brexit-follow: double blow to Germany’s company

Since the exit vote in 2016, the British chamber of Commerce repeated that British export to keep your access to the customs Union of the EU, and thus customs, Goods can be imported free of. Theresa May has insisted that the UK must rely on both the customs Union and the EU internal market, free-trade agreements with third countries such as the USA or China to complete.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper would now like to provide an Amendment to ensure that the members receive the power, the Brexit-appointment on the 29. To move in March. In her constituency, both the luxury manufacturer is Burberry, as well as the confectionery manufacturer Haribo has had a production facility. Both companies have sent warning letters to you, and with the loss of jobs threatened.


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