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He was the dominant Symbol before the Referendum in 2016: the red Vote-Leave-Bus, in which the leader of the Pro-Brexit-drove the campaign through the country to advertise for an EU exit. “We send the EU every week, 350 million pounds,” it read, followed by: “Let us, instead, our NHS Finance.”

the National Health Service, the national health service of the country was Meant to be. Since the strict austerity that the government of David Cameron to the country nine years ago has imposed, is missing at all corners and Ends in the money. Many patients complained about long waiting times, overcrowded doctor’s offices and hospitals. The Vote-to-Leave-activists met, therefore, with its message of a sore point. And their strategy worked: After the EU-Referendum, many Britons stated that they had voted in favour of a Brexit, so that more money could flow into the NHS.

While critics have pointed out even then that the claim that London was transferred each week to 350 million pounds to the EU, wrong. It is attributed to the so-called “British rebate” and the EU-subsidies, coming back to the UK, then the country between 2010 and 2014, only about 170 million pounds has been paid per week to the EU.

the leading Brexit-activists wanted to know of the 350 million pounds surprisingly quickly, nothing more. Already on the Morning after the Referendum, the law called populist Nigel Farage, who was not part of the official Vote-to-Leave-campaign, the 350-million-pound pledge as an error. He himself “would never have such a claim”, said Farage. The not corresponded to the truth, as video recordings from the time before the Referendum documents. The Vote Leave campaign the 350-million-gorge away secretly from their website.

Boris Johnson in may 2016

to speak most of The Brexit-the champion of the time to avoid it today, on the topic. Not so Boris Johnson: The former mayor of London, and later foreign Minister takes every opportunity to dispel the impression that he had of the British during the Vote-to-Leave-campaign deliberately lied to. In one case, claimed Johnson, 350 million pounds was an “understatement”. Until the end of the target Brexit-transitional period the end of 2020, the UK would transfer every week is even a lot more money to Brussels. Eloise Todd, Director of Brexit-critical organization “Best For Britain”, scoffed, and Johnson was apparently “possessed by the lie,” which he had “slapped on the side of a bus”. He’ll probably “speak to the end of his political life” on the 350 million pounds.

today the UK is because of the Brexits bad

in the middle of last year, Prime Minister Theresa May came to her then-foreign Minister Johnson to help: you said that the NHS would receive up to fiscal year 2023-24 around 400 million pounds extra per week. “We currently spend as a member of the EU, every year a considerable sum of money, for our EU subscription, if you will,” said May. “If we leave the EU, then we will no longer have to do this.” It would be only right, said May then, if you would spend this money for what is important to you. “The NHS is our number One priority.”

For the claim, that the UK will save the Brexit money, earned May a lot of criticism. And apparently, rightly so. Because numerous studies have come to the conclusion that Britain is today because of the Brexits worse. The think-tank “Centre for European Reform” (CE) describes in a study that the British economy today is 2.3 percent smaller than they would have been without the Leave-vote of the British. The public sector escaped to 17 billion pounds in the year or 320 million pounds per week. The amount would be enough to send 10,000 more police officers on the streets, says the study. Also, you could educate with that money, enough nurses to fill the staffing shortages in the health service. After that enough money would be available to pay the current EU-member contribution.

the Bus of the Leave-campaign before the Brexit Referendum in July 2016

For the Brexit, although these and many other studies come to a similar conclusion, not much more than a part of the “project fear”, with the Brexit prevented should be.

And the NHS? A first cash injection of over 420 million pounds seems to be the health service this Winter through its acute problems helped. In the past year a wave of Influenza had split the System in many of the country to the brink of collapse. The government is renowned for their rigid austerity course plenty of criticism.

This criticism was probably also the real reason for this is that Theresa May decided to pump more money into the health system. Because the government does not believe, obviously, that the Brexit lead to Win, which could be distributed. Quite the contrary: In a few weeks ago published report comes to the conclusion that all possible Brexit-scenarios for the country will have a negative impact.

A disorderly Brexit would have on the health system, far-reaching

Also the NHS to follow is likely to soon follow the Brexits to feel – because a lot of nurses States go back to the EU. Last June 41.722 were nursing Posts vacant. After the end of the planned Brexit-transitional period by the end of 2020 that number to a study by the “National Institute of Economic and Social Research could increase,” according to more than 50,000. Now the health system 2700’ve lost nurses from EU countries, says the study. Data from the NHS showed that the waiting times for patients are rising the fastest, where most of the employees from the EU-would have terminated countries.

the Prime Minister May in the case of a hospital visit, 2018

A disorderly Leaving the country to leave the EU without an agreement, would have consequences for the health system much more far-reaching. Dr David Rosser from University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) warned this week that such a Brexit would very likely lead to supply shortages. Then perhaps surgery would be canceled because drugs and equipment are missing. The consequences of such shortages were to quantify “hardly”.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that the employees of the health system, the Brexit-limits enthusiasm. A YouGov survey found that 64 percent of the interviewed Doctors and nurses believe that the situation of the health service will deteriorate after the Brexit. 57 percent believe that the quality of care will decline. And only 7 percent believe that the health system will benefit from Brexit. Three-quarters of the healthcare professionals stated that they would vote in a new EU Referendum for remaining in the EU.

And the infamous 350 million pounds per week, which should be after a Brexit, allegedly for the NHS? The 83 percent of the respondents hold for a conscious lie.

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