Sometimes there are isolated incidents, months later, an entire organization will falter. So it was with a scene which took place, according to a UN staff member in may of 2015 in a Hotel in Bangkok.

There, the Deputy Director of the UN Organisation UNAIDS, Louiz Loures is pressed in an Elevator against his co-worker Martina Brostrom, they groped and kissed. Brostrom told later in a CNN Interview that she was clamped on the Elevator, so that Loures was not able to pull her to his room.

Loures rejected the allegations, an internal investigation found him free at the beginning of this year also. In March, Loures left the organization, allegedly not because of this and similar accusations, which came in the meantime also by other women.

was not Yet finished the thing. On the contrary, they cook in these days is so high, that they cost the Director of UNAIDS, Michel Sidibé, the Job, and perhaps even basic reforms could trigger.

Sidibé heads the UN Organisation with close to 680 members of staff for ten years. UNAIDS to coordinate the global fight against the HIV Virus. It promotes transparency and, thus, in the world for the most Vulnerable, particularly for women.

However, internally, it is like other UN organisations – with their own Standards.

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make the UN less of a career, Among other things, the Initiative “Code Blue criticized” the leadership of UNAIDS with Brostroms complaint was handled very biased. The British “Guardian” reported that the Director Sidibé intimidated employees and Brostrom have offered a promotion, so they’ll have your complaint fall.

Finally, the pressure was so great that Sidibé had a four-member external, independent investigation Commission set up. In July, she took up under the direction of the Australian Jura, a Professor and human rights expert Gillian Triggs your work.

last Friday, the Commission published its results and they are devastating. The experts confirmed what I have shown in a survey conducted by the UNAIDS staff representative for the USSA already in the years before, again and again: abuse of power, bullying and harassment in the Organisation of a large Problem.

Nearly 60 percent of employees felt according to the most recent USSA survey in the past twelve months, from supervisor or colleagues treated badly, nearly 14 percent reported discrimination and 43 percent of the abuse of power. Nearly four percent said they had experienced sexual harassment.

“cult of personality”

“The evidence of a broken organizational culture, the existence of the independent body of experts that are overwhelming,” write the experts. The top management care with a highly personal style, of course, have established certain employees before a “cult of personality” and ethical Standards not be met.

The formal and informal processes, complaints process, to be confusing, non-confidential, inefficient and in addition not independent of the Management. Previous initiatives for a better work culture to be little more than “patches” and caused no serious, long-standing and systematic problems.

The report is a slap in the face for the Director Sidibé, whose replacement, the experts ask bluntly. The leadership of UNAIDS, carrying the main responsibility for the current situation. “The Commission has no confidence that the current management can lead to a change of Culture.”

The Management of UNAIDS responded immediately with a more than 50-page response. “We will tackle unacceptable behaviour and to prevent,” writes Sidibé in the paper. His own resignation he offered in the past.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.