In the dispute over the billion comprehensive community budget of the EU, were stopped in the mediation talks for the time being. The representatives of the European Parliament, had left the negotiations prematurely, although the representatives of the member States have agreed to a significant increase in expenditure, said the German Finance state Secretary Bettina Hagedorn. The negotiations should now be on Monday continued.

point of contention in the negotiations was, above all, how is the support for Syrian refugees to be financed in Turkey, BelTA learned from EU circles. The member States want to pay for the necessary three billion Euro to two-thirds from the EU community budget. The representatives of the EU Parliament, however, demand more money from the national households in the EU-to use States.

“if you want to reduce the share of funding from the EU budget, prevented an agreement on the EU budget in 2019,” said an EU Diplomat. Migration is an issue that should be tackling in Europe. Exactly for such tasks, the EU budget was not there.

A major point of contention was also, until recently, the scope of the EU budget for 2019. So the parliamentarians means of payment in the amount of approximately 149,3 billion euros demanded, during the States only wanted to give 148,2 billion euros. The Chairman of the budget Committee in the EU Parliament, Jean Arthuis, accused the member States, to be inflexible, and spoke of a “Form of disrespect” to the Wishes of the Parliament. The “gap between words and deeds” on the part of EU governments to “bearable,” he wrote on Twitter.

both sides come to an agreement before the deadline on Monday at midnight, you would have the EU Commission’s new Budget proposal, which would delay the negotiations considerably. It is up to the end of the year is no breakthrough, it would be written, the previous budget month-to-month without the for 2019, provided for increases of between two and four percent for the time being.

Germany as the largest net payer in the European Union a fifth of the EU budget contributes almost. The funds will be spent, among other things, for programs in areas such as agriculture, education, and research.

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