200 to be able to reach EU territory. The victims had died of the first findings of a cardiac arrest, it said. In addition, 19 migrants had been injured.

the mass influx of people were involved according to the Reports, at about nine o’clock in the morning, mainly young men from countries South of the Sahara. Those who had managed to Overcome the border fences that were immediately taken to the initial reception centre (CETI). You would have loudly cheered greatly and, among other things, "Bossa, bossa, bossa" (victory, victory, victory) chanted, reported the newspaper "El Mundo".

cooperation with Morocco to talk to

be improved Only on Saturday, the Spanish Minister of the interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, in Madrid, had received his Moroccan counterpart Abdelouafi Laftit, "especially regarding the pressure of Migration". Spain and the EU want to achieve a better cooperation with Morocco, as the Madrid stressed the Ministry of the interior "in a legal and orderly immigration". Madrid and Morocco have relied on a "collaboration of equal to equal."

The last successful invasion was registered in July in the second North African exclave of Spain, Ceuta,. At that time, more than 600 migrants span had reached the territory.

"Brutal as never before"

A police spokesman told, the migrants were said to be "brutal as never before" approach. They had cannons, the border officials will, among other things, with self-made flames, and quicklime, causing the contact with the skin burns, to attack.

Spain has in the North of Africa, the two enclaves, both of which are claimed by Morocco: Ceuta at the Strait of Gibraltar and the 250 kilometres to the East of Melilla. In the proximity of the two areas, tens of thousands waiting to distressed Africans, mainly from countries South of the Sahara an opportunity to get into the EU.

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