K-pop superstar BTS has released the band’s second English-language single “Butter” on May 21 to shatter all-time YouTube records. Its first English-language single was chart-topping “Dynamite,” which helped BTS win a Grammy nomination. Photo courtesy of HYBE

Dance-pop track “Butter” shatters YouTube records

K-pop megastar BTS has dropped their second English-language single, dubbed “Butter,” on May 21, and the upbeat track is already receiving good responses from global fans.

The summer dance-pop jam will be performed next week at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards by BTS, which includes RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, J-Hope, and Jungkook.

With “Butter,” the septet strives to duplicate the huge success of the 2020 smash “Dynamite,” which became the first song by any Korean artist to reach the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

In fact, the idol group hopes to do better this year _ BTS hopes to receive a Grammy Award after winning a Grammy nomination last year thanks to “Dynamite.”

“Of course, we want to win a Grammy,” BTS member Suga said in a press conference in Seoul.

As far as YouTube view counts are concerned, the much-anticipated “Butter” got off to a solid start by defeating “Dynamite.”

According to HYBE, the new digital single gathered 10 million views on YouTube in a mere 13 minutes after its release, compared to 20 minutes of “Dynamite.”

In addition, HYBE said that “Butter” set a YouTube record by drawing 108.2 million views in 24 hours, beating 101.1 million views for “Dynamite.” HYBE is the label of BTS, which debuted in 2013.

The band will celebrate its eighth anniversary next month.

BTS is famous for its loyal international fans called ARMY, which is brief for the Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.

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