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BTS members help underpriviledged studetns

A scholarship named after BTS member J-Hope offered funds to students in a high school in Gwangju, some 270 kilometers south of Seoul, on May 15. The school selected 10 students to provide 500,000 won ($425) to each.

The scholarship started by J-Hope who donated 100 million won ($85,000) to ChildFund Korea, an influential charity here, this February on the occasion of his 25th birthday.

In line with his wish, ChildFund Korea dedicated to helping children in need opted to use the donation to assist the low-income students in his alma mater located in Gwangju.

For example, ChildFund Korea and the school decided to provide half a million won to 10 pupils over the next five years.

A beneficiary of the J-Hope scholarship said, “I am so glad. I will keep studying hard to achieve the goal of becoming a public servant. Then, I also want to make donations for young students.”

J-Hope, whose real name is Jung Ho-seok, also donated 150 million won to ChildFund Korea late last year to become the 146th member of the so-called Green Noble Club.

Those who made contributions of over 100 million won to the organization receives membership of the honorable club.

As the superstar set the tone, his fans followed suit as they donated $3,000 worth of rice to J-Hope’s hometown in time with his birthday this year.

BTS is a seven-member K-pop band, which gains the limelight after it dropped its fourth studio album “Map of the Soul: Persona” midway through last month.

Other members of the septet also took part in various charity activities.

For one, Jimin also donated 100 million won to support students in Busan, a port city in the southwestern part of the country.

Previously, he also funded uniforms for graduating students of his alma mater and sent BTS-signed CDs.

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