BTS member Jimin poses with American singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin at the latter's concert in Seoul on August 18. BTS Twitter account

K-pop band member visits Alec Benjamin’s concert

K-pop superstar BTS is now enjoying its first extended vacation since their debut in 2013. But the members look as busy as ever because they stay active on social media.

BTS main vocalist Jimin recently posted a picture at the boy band’s Twitter account where he posed with American singer-songwriter Alec Benjamin.

Benjamin, who is best known for his song “Let Me Down Slowly,” held a concert in Seoul on August 18. In recognition of Jimin’s presence, he sang a part of the popular BTS song, “Fake Love.”

They are known as mutual fans.

Jimin came up with his public Spotify playlists last month, which included five songs of Alec Benjamin. In response, Benjamin invited Jimin to his concert in Seoul, the offer accepted by Jimin.

Like Jimin, Benjamin also released a photo with Jimin on Twitter.

Fans praised the two vocalists’ friendship.

You both are amazing. It’s so satisfying to see you are enjoying your vacation,” a fan said.

Two vocal kings are meeting each other. Thank you for sharing his music with ARMY. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I love you all,” another fan said.

Brief for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth, ARMY refers to global fans of BTS.

I’m happy that you are enjoying your vacation Jimin. I bet you are all smiley during the whole concert, especially when Alec began to cover ‘Fake Love,’” a netizen said.

I feel happy because Jimin is enjoying his vacation with his friends, and I hope he continues to do what he likes. Thanks for giving us these pictures,” another netizen said.


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