BTS lead vocal Jimin/Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment

Fans ask people to leave Jimin alone

A few days ago, a video clip was posted at an Instagram where a lady gives a forehead flick to a young man at a pub in Paris. It instantly went viral as it claimed to feature BTS lead vocal Jimin.

After generating controversies, the video was deleted but its copies spread throughout social media.

BTS fans suspect whether the young man was really Jimin. Some take issue with the young man’s hair color and fingers to argue that the video is not legitimate.

After Jimin posted a video from Paris to celebrate the September 1 birthday of his bandmate Jungkook, a rising number of people seem to believe that the video is not a fake.

However, they request for people to leave Jimin alone so that he can enjoy his first vacation. BTS members are taking a hiatus, the act’s first extended break since their debut in 2013.

Good, I hope it was Jimin, and I hope he was playing with whoever he wants to. I mean, he is in his 20’s, and a grown person. He can do what he wants and I hope he is having the best time ever doing it,” a fan wrote on YouTube.

Even if it is Jimin, so what? He’s a grown man on vacation, and even if it’s not him I hope he’s having fun like this because he and BTS deserve it,” another wrote.

Some worried about Jimin’s privacy.

Jimin deserves his privacy. He does so much for us; we owe him everything. I don’t know what made you think it would be a good idea to post this. ARMY will always have his back,” a netizen wrote.

ARMY refers to loyal BTS fans.

After I watched this video, I’m already worried about Jimin being in public that someone would just hurt or do something to him that isn’t good. I hope he’s safe,” another noted.

Big Hit Entertainment, the agency of BTS, has yet to come up with any comments on the issue. 


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