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New album breaks Korea’s all-time sale record

When K-pop colossus BTS came up with its fourth studio album “Map of the Soul: Persona” in April, many anticipated that it would be a global hit. But the seven-track collection seems to beat even the most optimistic expectations.

The Guinness World Records recently said that the new release of BTS is the best-selling album of all time in Korea.

As of the end of May, the mini album sold some 3.4 million copies in the group’s home country whose population is a mere around 52 million.

The country’s previous record was set in 1995 when an album chalked up sales of 3.3 million copies.

As BTS broke the 24-year-old record in less than two months, the figure is likely to keep rising.

In the global market, the seven-member idol group also has fared well.

It shattered YouTube records as its title track “Boy With Luv” amassed more than 400 million views. It also topped album charts across the world including the Billboard No. 1.

After BTS dropped the best-selling album, they went through a globe-trotting stadium concert tour in six cities – three U.S. cities, Sao Paulo, London, and Paris.

The septet, otherwise known as the Bangtan Boys, plan to perform in Japan next month.

This week, the group is grabbing the headlines once again because of mobile game BTS World, which was officially launched on June 26.

In the simulation game, which was published by Korean gaming firm Netmarble, the player takes on the role of a BTS manager to take care of one of the seven members.

The mobile game enables the player to virtually interact with BTS members through a one-on-one interactive system.

It features more than 10,000 photos and 100 story videos of the group members.

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