BTS V's new song "Winter Bear"

Boy band member drops first English solo song

Fans go wild as BTS member V comes up with a surprise English solo song titled “Winter Bear,” a pop-rock ballad released August 10 together with a music video without any warning.

It is V’s second song this year after “Scenery” this January. Unlike the former, however, the new song is performed entirely in English.

“Winter Bear” was written by V and his colleagues, such as BTS leader RM helped. RM is the only fluent English-speaker of the seven-member boy band, which was formed in Seoul six years ago.

The song instantly wins the hearts and minds of global BTS fans, otherwise called ARMY, brief for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.

“His soulful singing always makes me feel happy. Whenever I feel depressed, his voice would make me feel better. I want to give all the love to him,” a fan said.

“I always appreciate all his work and this song shall be the best song ever in this music world. I cannot express how thankful I am. This song is so perfect. I love it, and I enjoy it very much.”

Some praised V’s voice.

“This is a masterpiece. His voice is full of emotions, and his sound is so soothing and calm. I cried through the whole song. It’s beautiful,” another fan noted.

“This so makes me sad, because I feel like this song is for his late grandmother. I’ve read a theory online about it. I love this song. I love him. I love his voice, V in general, everything about him.”

A netizen swore that he will dance to the song at his wedding one day.

“I’ve listened to this song at least 10 times now. And every time I start to cry. This song feels like a friend wrapping you in a big hug. I’m glad I became an ARMY even if I am still new. I purple you ARMY,” another netizen said.


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