Fans talk about two boy bands of different eras

As K-pop sensation BTS rocks the globe with its latest album released this April, a question was posted in Quora, a question-and-answer website, “Who is bigger, The Beatles or BTS?”

And the query instantly attracted attention. Most respondents said that BTS is not a match of The Beatles, a legendary English rock band that changed pop culture across the world.

For example, Gemma Baney wrote, “I believe they (BTS) are somewhat popular in this age of exalting low-level talent. They are a novelty act doing synchronized dancing and some chanting/shouting, some of it in Korean.”

In terms of talent, The Beatles is a million times bigger. They wrote, played and sang great original and varies and complex music. They introduced new ideas and concepts. They had an impact on modern culture. And we are still talking about them, more than 50 years after they first appeared.”

Comments of a K-pop fan named Char Lee is quoted, who said that it’s a dumb comparison because it’s like comparing legends to some handsome princes.

You have no idea of the accomplishments of The Beatles. Do your research! I know this because my dad is an extremely huge fan of The Beatles and he has a collection of everything The Beatles has done or accomplished,” Lee said.

BTS hasn’t reached even an eighth of The Beatles’ achievements yet. If you want to compare BTS to some, then compare them to another K-pop group or boy bands in the new generation because The Beatles is on an entirely different level. Sorry ARMY.”

Short for Adorable Representative MC for Youth, ARMY refers to loyal fans of BTS.

But some fans like Kira Chae noted that BTS is pretty much following the path of The Beatles although they admit the Korean group has to tackle many challenges to join the rank of The Beatles.

As an avid fan of BTS, I would like to say that BTS has reached the same level of popularity and accomplishment as The Beatles has. However, this is not the case. So far, BTS is on their path to becoming as big as The Beatles, but have not quite reached the level yet,” Chae said.

Although BTS has achieved a lot in terms of social media and album sales, there are still many people who disagree with their culture and K-pop culture in general, especially in predominantly Caucasian communities such as the U.S. or Europe.”

Miya T.W. concurred.

The Beatles is literal legends, but everyone compares BTS to The Beatles. The Beatles is definitely bigger, but BTS could definitely get there at the rate they’re going,” Miya said.


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