The writer Wilhelm Genazino is on 12. December 2018, after a short illness died, as the Hanser-Verlag, new York. Genazino 2004 he was awarded the Georg Büchner prize, the most prestigious German literature prize.

Wilhelm Genazino was born on 22. January 1943 in Mannheim born and lived as a freelance writer in Frankfurt. He started as a Journalist at the magazine “Pardon”, and also wrote radio plays, before he was with his employees-novel trilogy “Abschaffel” (1977), “the destruction of The” (1978) and “the Wrong year” (1979).

Genazino has received numerous prizes and awards, including in 2004, the Georg Büchner prize of the German Academy for language and poetry in Darmstadt and in 2014, the Goethe plaque of the city Frankfurt. Genazinos works have been translated into numerous languages.

A virtuoso in the representation of “inner melancholy wilderness” called him the MIRROR once, a “Meistersinger of the living terror”. In novels such as “An umbrella for this day”, “moderate homesickness” or “no-one but us is talking about us,” he told with great accuracy from the everyday life in the Federal Republic of Republican cities, by his figures strolled. His last novel, “no money, no watch, no hat” appeared in the spring of 2018.


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