The Protest against the controversial labour law in Hungary not tears: Several thousand protesters moved again in Budapest, through the streets of the capital. Head of government Viktor Orbán described the protests as “hysterical screaming” and defended the work of the law.

The Opposition announced that the pressure on the Prime Minister to maintain. Conceivable Bertalan Toth protests against companies with ties to the government party Fidesz, as well as against large corporations that benefit from the new labour to be socialist-in-chief.

The new law allows employers to require their employees up to 400 Overtime hours per year, and salary payments for up to three years delay. The amendment, which was adopted on Wednesday by Parliament, and the next day, President Janos Ader signed, triggered the biggest wave of protest since Orban took office in 2010. Since one and a half weeks, the government will demonstrate critic against the one you have titled “slavery law”.


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