citizens have given to the German government this year, a record sum for debt reduction. On the debt repayment account of the Federal government, more than 600,000 euros were received until the beginning of December, a reply from the Federal Ministry of Finance on a request of the FDP parliamentary group, the AFP news Agency there had been on Saturday. First, the “image”newspaper had reported about it.

From the 1. January to 6. December nearly 610.000 euros were received in 150 Transfers to the account. Almost the entire amount went in may, as 600.218 euros were transferred. To date, the highest annual total since the establishment of the account in 2006 had been achieved in 2017, with well-144.000 Euro. The amount for 2018 exceeds all of 2006 to 2017, the amounts paid, which amounted to a total of just under 555.000 euros.

The paid-in money is, however, not more than a drop on the hot stone. The Federal government, Länder, municipalities and social insurance owed your money to 1.93 trillion euros, with the donors at the end of September. Of which 1.23 trillion accounted for on the Federal.

FDP is pleased

The debt repayment account was established in the year 2006 “at the request of many dedicated citizens”, as stated in the Letter from the Federal Ministry of Finance. Advertising for the account, there is not. Who pays in, gets neither a letter, nor a receipt for the donation. The Transfers may not be tax deductible, because they serve according to the Ministry, “not non-profit purposes in the meaning of the tax law”.

The financial expert of the FDP parliamentary group, mark Herbrand, praised the financial commitment of the citizens. Here, show yourself, “how important many people, in contrast to the Grand coalition, the generation of justice,” he said of the “image”-newspaper.

The government wants to collect, in spite of a comfortable budget without new borrowing continue to be citizens of money for debt repayment: Currently, there are no other Considerations, the account resolve, stated in the Letter from the Federal Ministry of Finance.


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