In the month-long budget dispute to the ends of Italy to the EU Commission. After a Meeting with Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday in Brussels, the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte announced that the deficit target of his country was now at 2.04 per cent of economic output. This became possible because some budget had failed measures will be less expensive than expected. It starts with a positive response from the Commission. Conte’s government had originally targeted a deficit of 2.4 per cent. A spokeswoman for the EU Commission reported “good progress”. Now the proposals of the Italian government, would be tested in the coming days, the work will continue. The Euro rose after the statements in the evening.

The EU Commission has rejected the original draft of the government and the corrections required. Threatens you with a billion-dollar penalty. The previous government had promised Brussels to a deficit of 0.8 percent.

Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini of the right-wing Lega throbbed with a view to the long-term deficit sinners France, the EU to treat both countries the same. He was sorry that the Budget with “double standards” will be measured, he said during a visit to Jerusalem. If nothing change, would wound the other strings.

EU economy Commissioner Pierre Moscovici, referred to the Situation of France and Italy, by contrast, are not comparable. The debt burden and economic growth are different. She said neither sanctions against Italy, France: “I’m looking for solutions.” Italy is, after Greece, the most indebted Euro-state, with a ratio of more than 130 percent in relation to gross domestic product (GDP). In France this figure is just under 100 percent.

France has torn the EU launched Latte in the budget deficit of a maximum of three percent of GDP over many years, without that it came to sanctions. Billions in concessions that the French President, Emmanuel Macron to the protest movement of the “yellow West” nourished now speculation that the country could not achieve the upper limit in 2019 again. “A temporary, limited, and exceptionally, deviation from the rules, it is conceivable,” said Moscovici. However, he does not know the Details of the specific budget plans.


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