Italy wants to hold on to in the dispute with the EU Commission to the planning of the budget of 2019, for the time being at its deficit target. After a Meeting of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the leaders of the government coalition, Matteo Salvini and Luigi di Maio, told the three politicians that they wanted to wait and see a cost analysis of the main savings measures for the coming year. The Meeting was scheduled to discuss the financial package. The objectives were reaffirmed, once again, stated in the joint opinion. Government sources have said, however, that the deficit target could be reduced due to the forthcoming cost analysis.

In the ongoing conflict in Italy, signalling to come last. The government will offer two according to insiders, to lower its deficit target for the coming year and up to 2.0 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). So far the target of 2.4 percent would be three times as much as the previous government planned, and from the point of view of the Brussels Commission.

Gentiloni urges Rome to the concessions in the budget dispute

In a lecture on Monday evening in Berlin, the former Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni called on, however, the current government in Rome to relent in the dispute. However, he criticized the coalition of right-wing Lega and the populist Five-star movement sharply: “The current government feels the Trump and Putin closer to the European Union,” said the social-democratic politicians of Italy from December 2016 to December 31. In may of this year, had ruled.

Italy have been isolated, said Gentiloni, who is a member of the former ruling party, the PD in Parliament in Rome. “I hope that the government will change the draft budget, and a compromise is looking for,” he added. Otherwise, it will continue the “very dangerous Situation on the financial markets,” which could bring the Italian economy is in a serious situation.

Italy sits on a debt mountain of around 130 percent of GDP. The Brussels authority was rejected last week, the reworked draft budget from Rome because of breaches of EU rules. For Italy, a penalty of up to 3.4 billion euros in the room.

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