In the dispute over Italy’s budget plans, the EU has paved-Commission for the excessive deficit procedure and possible sanctions. Italy met the EU requirements for a debt, reduction in his Budget for 2019, said the authority in Brussels. The Commission, therefore, to the conclusion that the opening of proceedings was justified because of an excessive deficit””. This can lead to fines in the billions. The European Finance Ministers must agree with that, however.

“With what the Italian government is on the table, we see the danger that the country is transforming in the instability of sleep,” said the for the Euro Vice-President of the EU Commission Valdis Dombrovskis. All the Euro countries would have to “play by the same rules”. They were there to protect the monetary Union and its members.

may, After consultation with the member States of the Eurozone could be brought the method to the evaluation of EU representatives in December or January. On possible sanctions would be decided much later.

The EU Commission, the Italian budget rejects plans for the coming year this will be the final. The Commission attested to the coalition government’s Five-star movement and right-wing Lega in Rome, in addition to violating the so-called debt rule. Accordingly, a total debt of maximum 60 percent of the economy is allowed in Europe performance. Italy has a debt ratio of more than 130 percent – that is, the ratio of total debt to gross domestic product (GDP). The country is therefore obliged to reduce its debt in the longer term.

The government in Rome is planning for 2019, with a significantly higher level of borrowing than the previous government. So you want to Fund, among other things, a basic social security after the model of Hartz IV, a lower retirement age, and tax concessions.

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