The budget freeze in the United States is expected to last until into the new year. In the nearly empty U.S. Senate only a few minutes, fell after the beginning of the Meeting, the decision to postpone to Monday, the last day of this year, at 10.00 local time (16.00 CET). The budget law only on 2. January, to be re-negotiated, it was said in the Congress chamber.

The so-called Shutdown was entered in the night to Saturday in force, and it seems parts of the US government apparatus. It causes about 800,000 of the 2.1 million state employees get no salary. Around 380,000 of them have been sent to an unpaid mandatory leave. Hundreds of thousands of state employees whose work is considered to be indispensable, you need to do this without payment your Job.

the main point of contention in the budget negotiations is the demand by US President Donald Trump to five billion dollars (the equivalent of 4,39 billion euros) for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico. The opposition Democrats, and also some of trump’s Republicans reject the claim strictly. Prior to the session of the Senate on Thursday had made the Trump and the Democrats again each other for the “Shutdown”.

No concessions to the Senate

Even at the beginning of last week had agreed to Trump a from Republicans and Democrats negotiated a bridging budget that includes no funding for the wall. However, after protests from conservative commentators, he came again and renewed his call for five billion dollars for the wall.

on the night of the 22. In December, the U.S. Congress negotiated unsuccessfully over a middle ground. The house of representatives had adopted with the majority of Republicans, a new template, the Trumps corresponded to your choice. This, however, came in the Senate never to the vote, when it became clear that the Democrats would refuse. Finally, the deputies and senators were sent home.

Nine ministries and a number of other government offices have since been lame, including the Foreign, Interior, justice, Finance, trade, and the Department of homeland security. The salaries of those Concerned should, however, be in accordance with the “Shutdown” to pay off.

The national parks are open, but unguarded. About 96 percent of all employees of the space Agency, NASA, are on leave or forced. Especially the tax authority, the IRS is affected: 52,000 employees will be furloughed temporarily.

it is Not the defence, education, health, and the Ministry of labour, because for those already in September, a longer-term budget was adopted are affected.

The “Shutdown” was not a Surprise: Trump – shifted specifically the departure of his Christmas vacation in Florida – insisted on its billion claim, without the Democrats in return for concessions to offer. Trump does not want to fulfill promises with the wall to be the most important choice, to lose his political base, also in view of the impending battle to the final report of the Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller, whose work is not affected by the “Shutdown”.

The “Shutdown” is the highlight of a series of current crises, in the center of Trump. Last Minister of defense James Mattis stepped back , among other things, to Protest against the announced withdrawal of troops from Syria and Afghanistan.

all in All, costs could these delays and leaves of absence the American taxpayers very much money. Experts suggest that the “Shutdown” in 2013, had caused under the Obama administration an economic damage in the amount of two billion dollars.


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