Since about three weeks, a budget is shutting down the barrier, large parts of the US government. The Shutdown, of the inflamed the conflict between Republicans and Democrats over the financing of a wall on the border to Mexico (the background read here), but it is not only politics, but also science. An Overview.

Many of the affected around 800,000 government employees scientists. In a number of authorities , only those are employed whose work is classified as “absolutely necessary”. In the case of the national science Foundation NSF according to information of the magazine “Nature”, for example, just 60 of 2000 employees, the climate and weather Agency NOAA 5500 of 11,400, with the environmental group EPA, about 750 of more than 14,000.

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Who does not want to come due to the shutdown to the office, it is also forbidden to work in the home office. Not even E-Mails are allowed to read the forced furloughed, and the access to key data on government servers is locked . This is why many research projects required is stopped , new data can not in many places, collected, conferences had to be canceled , or in a much smaller scale, because researchers were not allowed to compete in the scheduled service trips.

Nasa has closed

“I’m not allowed to work. I’m not allowed to travel on the service. I’m not allowed to use my service laptop,” wrote Nasa scientist Jane Rigby on Twitter. “May I think about the universe? Unclear.”

“Nasa is closed due to a failure of the state funding currently,” , stands on the site of the US space Agency. Already started Mission running, however, only the employees for the smooth conduct of these missions are absolutely necessary are allowed to work.

Screenshot of the Nasa Homepage

The Department for press and public Relations, for example, is not one of them and so there are several times a day, outgoing press releases from stay currently. At the moment everything is still somewhat normal, you will hear from Nasa. The “Shutdown stop” but, to be delays in planned missions quite possible.

Smithsonian? Also sealing

is Also a part of the staff of many science museums, national parks and Zoos in the United States currently has to stay home – and many facilities will remain during the shutdown is closed to visitors.

So, for example, the 19 Smithsonian institutions in the capital city of Washington, including the Zoo. In New York, the Design Museum, Cooper Hewitt and the Museum of the history of the native American people remain closed. A large part of the national Park is still open but with minimal staffing, however, in many cases with closed toilets and overflowing dustbins.

Christina Horsten/dpa/stu

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