In the budget dispute in the USA, the Democrats put pressure on President Donald Trump. In the constituent meeting of the newly elected house of representatives on Thursday they want to use their newfound majority to pass a budget law, as announced on Monday. Thus, the forced closure of Parts of the government apparatus should be terminated. Trump is not granted to the draft, however, a rejection because of this contains the required financing of a wall on the border to Mexico.

in order To lock in the new year, not the end of the budget in sight, which was shortly before Christmas, entered into force. Hundreds of thousands of state employees are currently on unpaid forced leave, or need to do their jobs without pay, because, due to the Blockade in Congress is a legal basis for their financing is missing.

The Democrats, called on Trump, of your submission to agree to. “The President must come to your senses and you immediately through his signature.” Trump announced immediately, to stay hard, and the template not to sign. “We don’t give up. We need security at the border, and the wall is an important part of it,” he told the TV station Fox News.

On Twitter, called on Trump to the Democrats to get him into the Oval Office to deliver him the votes he needed for the construction of the border bulwark. A wall might be “old technology”, but they seem:

escalated The showdown

The dispute has become a hard trial of power between the President and the Democrats. In the new house of representatives, the Democrats will be able to adopt your template, because you have won here in the Congress elections in November, a majority. The Senate is likely to refuse consent. Here, trump is the Republicans have the majority.

the main point of contention in the budget negotiations is trump’s demand for five billion dollars (4,39 billion euros) for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico. You should fend off migrants. The opposition Democrats, and also some of trump’s Republicans reject the claim strictly.

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In the US it comes in the dispute over the budget again and again to a Shutdown. In view of the confrontational government style of President Trump, the disputes are bitter, but this time especially. He had declared at a Meeting with the tips of the Democrats on live television that he was proud to stand on the breast – if he was up to, the construction of its wall.

had died After the border to Mexico with two children from Guatemala in the custody of U.S. border authorities, said the U.S. President, the opposition Democrats are to blame for their fate. “Every death of children or other at the border are strictly the fault of the Democrats and their poor migration policy, which allows the people, the long March to tackle in the Faith, to our country illegally to enter. You can’t do that,” wrote Trump on Saturday on Twitter. “We would have a wall, you would not try it again.”


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