At the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, the heads of state and government agreed the heads on a common final Declaration. According to the negotiating circles had to be added due to the partly large differences of opinion on Central issues such as trade, climate change and Migration of the compromise formulations in the Declaration.

The Argentine presidency of the G20 confirmed the agreement. “I would like to announce that we have a statement that reflects much of our sensations and our commitment is,” said the Argentine President Mauricio Macri. “We can all be happy and congratulate ourselves that we have reached important agreements.”

As a success, the EU countries accounted for a commitment to a Reform of the world trade organization WTO. Such a Reform should enable compliance with international trade rules.

The trade issue remained controversial. So, the G20 could not agree to renew the fight against protectionism. The United States wanted to accept such a formulation, only with the addition that at the same time trade defence instruments can be used to combat unfair trade practices. The latter did not want to accept China. The U.S. had imposed in the past few months, multiple protective tariffs on imports from China, which considers the country to be illegal.

Furthermore, the United States insisted on, to dispense with substantive statements on Migration. Instead, the statement merely refers to an OECD report, and planned Work for the upcoming Japanese presidency of the G20. the
on The issue of climate change needed to be held, the planned exit of the US from the Paris climate agreement. In addition, the United States has not contributed to the climate part of the final communiqué. “We do not hide our disappointment”, was the reply from the EU side. But at least the subject was mentioned at all.

In return, the Europeans came together with other countries a commitment to international cooperation. “We renew to work together in our commitment to improve the rule-based international order that is able to respond effectively to a rapidly changing world” it is, therefore, in the statement. The United States were to refrain from using the word multilaterally, and at the same time an improvement of the current procedure.

in view of the policy stance of the US President, Donald Trump is the agreement on a final Declaration of diplomats is regarded as a success. Trump is pursuing a protectionist trade policy, and has also announced the withdrawal of the USA from multilateral agreements such as the Paris climate Treaty or the nuclear deal with Iran.

Merkel meets with Trump and Putin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met on the sidelines of the summit talks with US President Donald Trump. “We have a great relationship and a great working relationship,” said Trump at the start of the meeting. It will go to, among other things, trade and defence. “We are going to talk about trade issues, multilateral issues,” said Merkel. Also, the Ukraine is going to play a role.

Previously had met Merkel with the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin. In the case of the common working Breakfast focused mainly on the recent events in the Ukraine conflict. The Russian coast guard had fired the last Sunday in the Strait in front of the Peninsula of Crimea three Ukrainian naval vessels. Several Ukrainian naval soldiers were injured.

government spokesman Steffen Seibert said the Chancellor had expressed to Putin their concerns over the escalation between Russia and Ukraine. Merkel had occurred for freedom of shipping through the Strait of Kerch. With the Russian President they have agreed to further talks in the Normandy Format. In this discussion forum Germany and France are trying to convey since the Russian annexation of the Crimea in 2014 between the pages.

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