That Hannover 96 is not a really hard case, white Thomas Doll. He has already solved the more difficult tasks. As the 52-Year-old was in December 2013 Trainer of the Hungarian tradition club Ferencváros Budapest, he found a traumatised team. Akeem Adams, a defender from Trinidad and Tobago, had suffered a few weeks earlier, on the training ground to have a heart attack. A leg had to be amputated. Eleven days after Dolls idea Adams died at the age of 22 of a stroke.

If a football team loses one of their number, it needs a Trainer with a special empathy. It is then asked, first, psychological skills, and the former HSV and BVB coach Doll quickly found access to the team in Budapest.

After starting with three draws and a defeat with nine wins followed by play in the last nine of the season and into the Europa League qualification. A year later, Doll was a Hungarian Cup winners ‘ Cup, 2016 Ferencváros celebrated the first championship in twelve years. In August 2018, the club and coach have parted ways by mutual agreement. Ferencváros was because of the Table.

Hannover 96 is currently second-to-last in the Bundesliga. The Situation is that of Ferencváros 2013 is not comparable, it is difficult to the rescue is, nevertheless, as these Figures reveal that Only eleven points from 19 Games has collected the Ex-Team of Andre width rider. Never the club stand at a comparable time be worse off in the League. And in the last four home games, there were always defeats without a goal.

tonight, Doll contests at home his first game with 96 against the table, the fourth RB Leipzig (20.30 clock, live Ticker SPIEGEL online, TV: Euro sport player). And for the time being, he is again as a psychologist: “We must not make ourselves smaller than we are,” Doll said after his first training days, in which he took the professionals, often in the Arm and you even praised for the simplest actions, if they get. “The players have now watched enough on the table. Which makes no fun,” said Doll. He wanted that in his Eleven “again, the breast comes out”. And he has, this is the oldest Trick in the trainer’s manual and the remaining 15 games, all as “Finals”.

Doll as HSV coach in the year 2006, right, and Rafael van der Vaart

Now, one might say that the decision of the 96-Manager, Horst Heldt, and the club President Martin kind for Thomas Doll is quite obvious. As a Doll, in 2004, took over the HSV, the state of the place 18. He saved Hamburg from relegation and led them, two years later, in the Champions League – at the time of his dismissal in the spring of 2007, the HSV was again in relegation danger.

A revival succeeded, first with Borussia Dortmund. The BVB he took over in March 2007, with only one point ahead of the relegation zone. In the end Dortmund was ninth, a year later, the club was only 13. and for a Doll just leave it at that.

But to require that Doll in a relegation fight, a decision against all odds and the current Trend was. It is an Experiment, the outcome of which will decide whether or not they were in Hanover, brave or crazy.

Nearly eleven years has not been the Doll is now more a coach in the Bundesliga. He worked, instead, in Turkey, in Saudi Arabia and in Hungary. A return after a long absence, only Otto Rehhagel, ventured at last. In 2012, he was supposed to save Hertha Berlin from relegation – twelve years after his departure from Kaiserslautern. He failed.


in Addition, has changed the trainer market in Germany, departure for Dolls 2008 radical. The club employed earlier and often from a Pool of the same name by Huub Stevens, Michael Frontzeck to Armin Veh , booth experience, at the time, often in front of Innovation, the associations for some time now, increasingly on the young coach whose experience comes mostly from the work of young people, but with new ideas.

Thomas Tuchel about Julian nail man up to Domenico Tedesco – it has a turning end of the zero years a Coach in the Bundesliga started. Today, Premier League club to commit to even a young German coach. Huddersfield Town in the relegation battle on the 36-year-old Jan Siewert, trained by January the U23 selection of Borussia Dortmund.

Thomas Doll looks on this Background have fallen out of time. Like a coach from the football pre-modern. Also his rhetoric. “Head up, chest out” and go to the Doll during Training in Hanover, often to its players. He is a man for the simple messages, while the Trend for eloquence, like nail man, Tedesco, or Freiburg’s Christian Streich. Doll to be liable here, this will be a press conference of 2008 – four weeks before release at BVB. “I laugh’ my ass,” had Doll reacts angrily to the criticism of the media. “Dolly basta” was the headline later, the “Kicker”. It seemed as it there was no more room for Doll in Germany.

This has proven to be fallacy. Maybe that’s with the coaches as with the fashion. Everything eventually comes back. “It is not, of course, back in the Bundesliga to return to,” Doll said before the game against Leipzig. And: “It is a great story for me.” At least, it is exceptional.

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