According to the SPD parliamentary group have spoken in the Bundestag deputies of the CDU and the CSU, with a large majority for the UN-migration Pact. The coalition groups is to decide this Thursday in the Bundestag in a joint application, the approbation of the agreement.

The Pact lies in the German interest, the resolution of the CDU and the SPD, the Union group, decided by five votes against. In the case of the SPD, the paper was accepted almost unanimously. “The national sovereignty of Germany, is a non-negotiable”. At the same time, the Federal government will be asked in the eight-page paper, will continue to ensure that through the Pact, the national sovereignty and the right of Germany, through its migration policy, will not be affected.

In the request, it also means that Germany accept the Migration of more responsibility than other countries in the European Union. “We want to change – among other things by a fair distribution.” Further, in the application: “Despite the strong social efforts and the impressive civil commitment, the limits of integration in our country are visible.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and other leading Union politicians had made the Pact. Participants in the Union meeting reported, interior Minister and CSU leader Horst Seehofer have extensively advertised. On Thursday the Bundestag will vote in addition to the coalition’s request on the requests of the opposition parliamentary groups of the FDP, the Greens and the AfD for the migration Pact.

“What is Stronger than a resolution adopted by a majority of the German Bundestag?”, Union Faction leader Ralph Brinkhaus asked. “Because we have explained everything, what is to be explained.” The application “dispelled some myths”.

CSU land group chief Alexander Dobrindt evaluated the application positively. “This is a very good sign, if both of the fractions CDU/CSU and SPD, this lead to communicative engagement with the Right and left in the Bundestag and the false truths, the panic and excitement in our population,” he said.

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